Priority Pass-Every Thing You Need To Know

Lounge access is for more than just the rich and famous people. It is also for anyone who wants to have an excellent and luxurious travel experience at the airport as they wait for their next flight or when they want to relax a bit.

With summer approaching, there will likely be a flight delay, and you should consider making this stressful experience better by sitting at a club sipping wine as you eat your favorite snacks.

Have you ever heard of Priority Pass? If you want to access some of the best lounges in the airport, consider getting a priority pass.

There are very many benefits of having a priority pass. This article will examine a priority pass and everything you might want to know about it.

What is a priority pass? 

Lounge Key-Every Thing You Need To Know


Priority Pass is a network of airport lounges that allows members to access some of the best airport lounges in more than 150 countries.

The card also offers members access to free dining in some restaurants in the airport lounges.

Priority Pass does not operate these lounges and restaurants, but it partners with these restaurants and lounges to give its customers the benefits of traveling with a priority pass.

Some priority pass members also get access to food and drink credit from some of the airport’s best restaurants and lounges.

This is more of a luxurious experience that some members with a higher membership than others get to enjoy. 

With the constant delays of flights and breaks within flights, lounges offer the best amenities for people in the above category to relax and have a good airport experience before their next flight.

Lounges provide their customers with free WIFI, good music, food, drinks, and quiet space to read and think, and some lounges also have spa services, showers, bars, and well-maintained bathrooms.

Imagine that you can have the chance to enjoy all the above benefits with just one card.

Interesting right? Priority passes should be your go-to card if you are a person who travels on air a lot and you wish to make your traveling airport experience amazing. Let’s now dig into all the details of the priority pass.

Ways to get a priority pass

Getting a priority pass is quite easy. You can purchase a priority pass membership from the company, use your credit card that includes the priority pass select membership, buy a lounge day pass, or renew your Radisson reward points. 

Purchase from the company

  • When you buy a priority pass from the company, you must know that there are different membership levels. There is the standard membership, the standard plus membership, and the prestige membership. The first option, the standard membership, is the cheapest and has an annual renewal fee of $99. The day you decide to travel, you must pay $32 per person to enter a lounge. This option is usually the best for people who travel less frequently.
  • The standard plus membership is the second option. This option has a higher annual renewal fee than the first option. The renewal fee for this is $229, but it comes with ten free lounge visits per year. After you have exhausted your ten lounge visits, you must pay $32 per person to enter a lounge.
  • The third option is the prestige membership. This membership costs $429, with unlimited lounge visits per year. But if you wish to have an extra guest, he or she will pay an additional $32. This is the best option for people who travel the most.

Credit cards or travel cards with priority pass select membership.

  • This is another way to get Priority Pass membership benefits. With this option, you only gain access to the benefits of being a priority pass member. If you are used to paying your card annually, you can get access to lounges at the airport that accept Priority Pass.
  • This has been viewed to be a cheaper way to get access to priority pass benefits than buying the actual card. You must also remember that some cards have unlimited lounge visits, while others might require you to pay an additional amount to access the lounge. Some of the cards that have priority pass benefits are:
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve.
  • Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit cards.
  • Hilton Honors American Express Surpass.
  • Citi Prestige Card. 

Buy a lounge day pass.

  • This is another option for getting a priority pass. L lounges usually sell priority pass day passes at their reception desk. Not all offer this, but the majority do. If your airport has a variety of lounges, you can select the most affordable one for you. 
  • You can also use the Lounge Buddy website to discover the lounges offering priority day passes at affordable costs. Some lounges also have better amenities than others.

Redeem Radisson rewards points.

This is another easy way to get a priority pass. Radisson reward members have the opportunity to redeem their Radisson reward points for priority pass standard plus level. When redeeming 125,000 points, they get the standard plus priority pass of $299. Members receive ten free visits annually; additional visits cost $27, with any extra guests at $32.

Can I get a priority pass for free? 

Yes, getting a priority pass for free through some of the abovementioned methods is possible.

One of the ways to get it for free is through a credit card with an annual fee. Some credit cards have the priority pass select membership.

This means that if you have been paying annually for your credit card, you can get the chance to enjoy all the benefits that come with having a priority pass.

The other way to get a free priority pass is through redeeming Radisson reward points of up to 125,000, which is equal to the standard plus priority pass membership option.

This is one of the best ways since you get to have ten free visits to lounges in airports, and at the same time, you get to pay an additional $27 if you exhaust your ten slots and if you wish to come with an extra guest, you get to pay an additional $32.

You can use the above methods to access lounges in the airport and enjoy some quality space and time with drinks and snacks.

How much does a priority pass cost?

Priority Pass Prices


Suppose you wish to buy a priority pass from the priority pass company. You must remember that the three membership levels cost differently and have different benefits. 

Standard Membership

This membership is ideal for people who only travel sometimes. It costs a flat fee of $99 per annum.

With this membership, you will be required to pay an additional fee of $32 per visit to the lounge, and if you decide to come with an extra guest, they will be required to pay an additional fee of $32.

Standard plus membership

This option is best for people who travel regularly. The cost for this membership is $229 per annum.

The benefits of this membership are that you get ten free lounge visits per year. You must pay an extra $32 per visit if you exhaust your visits. If you bring an additional guest beyond one, they will have to pay $32 for the lounge.

Prestige membership

As the name suggests, this is a prestigious membership for people who travel frequently. The cost for this membership is $429.

The benefits that come with this membership are unlimited lounge visits. You will get the chance to use many lounges at the airport and gain access to some restaurants and clubs. Your guest will have to pay an additional $32 per visit.

How long does it take to receive a priority pass?

Priority Pass guarantees their customers fast delivery of their membership pass card. But usually, the membership card can take up to five working days to arrive.

It takes this long because they must get your membership application form first, and processing your priority pass will take at least three days. After three days, the priority pass membership kit will be dispatched to your destination.

In some countries, it can take longer than usual to arrive. In countries like China, Mexico, and Latin America, it can take up to 20 days for you to receive the priority pass membership kit.

Due to the many applicants, the company ensures to notify applicants when they will receive the priority pass. Hence, you must contact them to enquire about such information.

If you need it immediately, you can buy a day priority pass card at the lounge’s reception. Most lounges have this option, and some might offer cheaper rates than others. 

How many visits are allowed in Priority Pass?

Your membership type mainly determines the number of visits on your priority pass. Some memberships have unlimited visits, while others have limited visits. Let us look at some of the visits in the different memberships.

Standard Membership

The standard membership has no number of visits because you have to pay for the visits, whether you have paid the annual fee for the pass or not.

Members will mainly be required to pay $32 per visit to the lounge. If you bring an extra guest, the person will also pay $32 for the visit.

Standard plus membership

This membership is different and much better than the standard membership because you can access ten free visits to the lounge.

The standard plus membership requires that after the ten visits, you will be expected to pay $32 per extra visit to the lounge.

Other than that, if you come with an extra guest who needs to visit the lounge, they will be expected to pay $32 whether you have ten active visits.

Prestige membership

With this membership, you have unlimited visits; this means that you can visit the lounge as many times in the year as you wish without paying for the visits. But it’s only for you.

If you wish to bring guests to the lounge, they will not pay, but any additional guest must pay $32 per visit.

The prestige membership is ideal for people who travel a lot, either for work or leisure, since they can enjoy their travels and stay at the airport as much as they want. 

Is Priority Pass worth it?

Priority Pass is very worth it if it is used by people who travel a lot because they get to see the value for their money.

Other than that, the many benefits of having a priority pass will make your flight experience memorable. You should consider getting a priority pass because of the following benefits.

Maximum relaxation

You will get a place to relax using a priority pass because the airport can be hectic and full of activities.

It can be almost impossible to navigate it. Lounges tend to be quiet and spacious. This makes it an ideal place to wait before your flight.

You can even use the washroom peacefully; they are clean and well-maintained. Besides, this can be an excellent place to use WIFI to catch up on the latest news or talk to your family before the flight.

Some lounges have shower and spa services where you can have the best of your remaining time before the flight.

You can also have the time to catch up on your favorite movie quietly without any disturbance.

Access to food

The best thing about getting a priority pass is access to food and drinks in the lounges.

They usually have complimentary food and drink self-serve, where you can eat and drink the best foods before your flight. Remember, never board a flight hungry. 

Most of the foods in the airport are usually overpriced and not of good quality. This makes it worth the priority pass because you will have paid for the food and other enjoyments and won’t have to worry about anything.

This can even help you save money you would otherwise spend in excess at the airport for food and other expenses.

Quiet working place

Some people travel for work and sometimes must work on paperwork before boarding. This can be the best way to work quietly in a relaxed and clean room before boarding.

Lounges usually provide a quiet working space for people to do their work on their laptops since there is access to WI-FI, charging portals, and comfortable seats for working.

These spaces offer an ideal environment to call or conduct a Zoom meeting before a flight.

Some lounges also have printers; hence, you will be as comfortable as possible. This is value for your money. 

Discounts for airport services

This is one of the biggest reasons a priority pass is worth it. With a priority pass, you can access some of the best services in the airport at discount prices, such as spa services, shopping at supermarkets, and some restaurants and clubs for food and drinks. This ensures that you get as much relaxation as possible.

If you wish to shop for things like wet wipes or clean towels for your new hotel room, or you even want to hire a car, you can get access to discounts for some of these things with just your priority pass card. 

Global footprint

Priority pass gives you access to lounges in more than 600 airports. This is a global footprint worth enjoying.

Other than that, if you are a frequent visitor to many countries, you can enjoy Lounge amenities in many airports and have an easy and enjoyable travel experience. 

Some lounges in countries like China will allow you to try out some of their best dishes, which is a good experience before reaching your destination.

This is more of an adventure since you can see new amenities, try new dishes, and travel well.

Unlimited lounge visits

This is mainly for prestige members. Prestige members get unlimited lounge visits, meaning they can visit as many airport lounges that accept Priority Pass as possible without paying for anything.

This also means you can travel to any country as often as possible and use the lounges and restaurants. 

This is worth it; anyone would want to enjoy such a package. Other than that, you can still enjoy unlimited visits with access to the best restaurants, food, drinks, and alcohol, which means that the value for your money is obvious.

What do Priority Passes do?

Priority passes give members access to some of the best lounges in the airport. They are available in more than 148 countries and more than 600 airports.

Members with priority passes can walk into airport lounges that accept priority passes and get access to some of the best amenities before or after their flights. 

Members enjoy cool and clean spaces far from the rest of the noisy parts of the airport. Members can access good lounges with showers, TV, and WI-FI to catch the latest movie.

Other than that, you can get food and drinks in some of the restaurants at the airport at a discount rate.

Some lounges offer spa services. This can be a good opportunity to relax your muscles after a long flight.

Priority passes can also make your airport experience memorable and easy. If you get an unexpected long flight delay, this might be a good chance to relax and eat some snacks and food.

There are also conference rooms where you can host meetings with your team members if you travel.

Other than that, you will get to sit on the most comfortable seats, which are way better than some of the seats in the airport.

What is a priority pass for a visa?

This is a special Visa that has lounge access. This option is usually available for people who pay a premium for their Visa cards.

Most premium visa cards usually have priority pass access. This type of membership is called priority pass select membership.

Many visa cards usually offer priority pass select membership as a reward to their trusted customers.

With this membership, you get access to the benefits that Priority Pass offers its customers for the lounges and restaurants.

You also have to note that not all cards offering priority passes have the unlimited priority pass membership option. With some cards, your visits might be limited.

Hence, you must contact your credit card advisor to find out which one you are eligible for and whether you will have to incur additional charges. 

Can I add my wife to my Priority Pass?

No, your priority pass is not transferable to another person, so you cannot add another person to your card because it is independent.

But you can bring an additional guest who will be charged on your card for priority pass select membership.

Other than that, another person who is not the original cardholder cannot use your card because, at the reception, you will be required to give your identification with a boarding pass. You cannot use the lounge if it does not match your name.

This means that your family members cannot use your card. This is one way of securing your card.

You can bring a guest with your unlimited option who will not be charged for anything, but any additional guest past that will be charged.

How do I access the Priority Pass Lounge?

You will be expected to report to the reception desk when you visit the lounge.

You must produce your ID, priority pass membership card, and boarding pass. The agent at the reception will check and verify your credentials, count the number of guests, and charge them to your card.

The number of visits will be deducted, and if you have exhausted your lounge visits, you will be charged for the current visits to your credit cards connected to your priority pass.

If you do not have your priority pass there, you can download the priority pass app, and the agent will scan the QR code, showing your visits and bill you respectively.

Can I enter the airport lounge without a Priority Pass? 

Some lounges in the airport give day passes for the lounges where you can enter the lounge without a priority pass, but in most cases, you will be required to have one. You can check the multiple lounges in the airport to confirm whether you can get a day pass.

Some credit cards and boarding passes have lounge services. Hence, you can use them to enter the lounges without a priority pass.

Premium credit cards like American Express can be used to access airport lounges without a priority pass.

Day passes can vary from one lounge to another, and you can do your search first before just walking into any lounge.

Who is eligible for a priority pass?

Different people have access to priority passes. People with credit cards that offer priority passes are eligible for priority passes.

Hence, they can access any lounge. Priority pass members must be at least 21 to enter the lounge without their parents.

People who leave the airport on the same day or have boarding flights can access Priority Pass. Some airlines can restrict lounge use for up to 3 hours.

Hence, you might only be able to use it briefly. People who want to stay in the lounges must adhere to all the rules set by the lounges, and for conferences, an additional fee might be charged.


Priority Pass is a network of lounges that gives members access to some of the best lounges in airports across 150 countries.

Members enjoy quiet and spacious lounges with good food, drinks, and access to spa services and showers.

You can choose a standard, standard plus, or prestige membership and enjoy lounge visits whenever you travel.

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