Lounge Key-Every Thing You Need To Know

Lounge Key programs offer travelers access to more than 1250 airport lounges worldwide. However, this service is only valid for those who have a participating master card, and the service will also depend on the lounge.

This service also enables the other guest traveling with you to gain access to the airport lounge. The Lounge key program was founded by the Collinson Group, which still owns it.

This same company also founded the Priority Pass and owned both services to date. If you are wondering about these two services being a rivalry, know they belong to the same company. Deference comes from how they operate, including their services and how you can access them. 

In this article, I will take you through the key information you need to learn about the Lounge key to help you make the most out of the program.

My main focus is first to take you through the meaning of lounge key, how it works, its benefits, and the types of cards that offer the service. 

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What is the Lounge key?

This network of airport lounges covers the entire world and provides a new twist when you enter your entrance Lounge. Joining the lounge key network is free of charge, provided your credit card is partnered with the network.

For your credit card to be partnered with them, it must have been a master card affiliated with a specific bank.

Your card must also provide deals and discounts when you use it in selected shops, restaurants, and SPAs. Such selected shops are always available in specific airports across the world. 

When you join the lounge membership platform, you will minimize your expenditure on the following; you will not have to pay the entrance fee or make a pre-payment to be part of the lounge membership program.

When you join the membership program, you must adhere to the rules in the program.

For instance, there are rules in the program that limit users’ visits to between four hours and three hours. In addition, the program has a rule that limits young children from using their platform.

Airport lounges are always known to offer great value to travelers, especially when there is provision for food, showers, beds, and drinks.

When you get your lounge key, you will not worry about flyer status even if you fly first class.

This makes it the best way to eliminate bench naps from various airports. However, you need to know how to get your longue key for free or pay a cheaper price. 

In what ways can I get a lounge key?

The membership program of the lounge key always coincides with a debit card or the credit card you use when making payments.

When enrolling in the lounge key membership premium, you will not be given another separate card.

Unlike the priority pass, there is also no lounge key pass when using the lounge key.

You will only continue using your card linked with the lounge key to access lounges in your airport.

The only additional card you will need to present is the boarding pass and, in case, your identification. 

How to enroll in Lounge Key Membership 

To get a lounge key membership, you must follow the steps below:

Step one: Get an eligible debit card or credit card. 

The first step to enrolling in the lounge key is to ensure the card you are using is eligible to be linked with the program.

Consider choosing one of the cards I mentioned in this article to enable you to become eligible for membership. Note that Lounge Key only accepts specific types of credit/debit cards and not all.

This means you must confirm if the program accepts the card you are using; our card accepts the lounge key membership program, and you can proceed to step two.

Step two: Create a Lounge key account

When the lounge key accepts your card, you qualify for the membership program and can create your account on the lounge key program.

To do so, visit the webpage of the lounge key and search for the signup page. Verify your card details on your lounge key account as part of your registration process.

This includes entering your 16-digit payment number from your card. Once they receive your card details, The lounge key will confirm your eligibility for their service. 

lounge key

Step three: Search for Participating lounges

You can search for the participating lounges when your registration is successful and your eligibility is confirmed.

This is more effective when you have planned for a trip where you can use the lounge key mobile application or webpage to search for the lounges in various airports.

This process is always important as some lounges prefer their clients to book space in advance to avoid inconvenience. 

Step four: Make an entry request to the lounge

After booking your lounge, it will be easy for you to request entry to the lounge. You can go to your chosen lounge at the airport and alert the staff.

This will let them know that you are their lounge key customer and preserve your space for you.

To access your lounge, you must swap your card or show it to the airport staff for confirmation. You will also be requested to produce your passport and the boarding pass. 

What to consider when searching for lounges

When searching for airports that have lounges that accept lounge keys, there are some extra things you need to know.

They will help you reduce errors when using the service and maximize your success rate. They include the following;

Your card requirements 

When you want to be surer that you will get access to this service, you must ensure your card is valid and eligible.

You can do this by checking if you have the right card and also looking at if the card has expired or is still active. 

The lounge requirements

Even the lounge you choose also has some requirements you must meet to enjoy their services.

The most common requirements among many lounges include fees for the guest, dress codes, and time limits on your visits. 

The additional charges 

You must also be ready to pay additional charges that may apply to your chosen lounge. They may include a guest fee, which may vary depending on your selected lounge.

It is, therefore, important to consider looking for these chargers when choosing your lounge to know the amount you will need to pay. 

How do I gain entry to the lounge using the lounge key program?

To enter a lounge, visit the program’s official website and see what is available. You will then present your card, which will help identify you as a member of the Longue Key program.

In addition, by swapping your card, the system will confirm if it is eligible for the service and allow you to pay the lounge access fee.

This will enable you to register and confirm your visit information, including the dates, number of visitors, and location.

You will complete the process by signing the card reader. You may incur some charges when accessing the lounge, which is not stated in the program.

The charges are unique to the lounge you visit and will require you to search for the lounge and seek more information about it.  

Must I download the lounge key application to use the service?

Even though having a lounge key official application gives you more advantages when choosing your preferred lounge in an airport, downloading it is optional.

There are many other alternatives you can use to access the service. Some people prefer using the card linked to their lounge key profile, which is just enough to enjoy the lounge services utilizing the program.

You can also use the lounge key official website, which contains the features in their application. The website also makes the services much easier for you when enjoying the service. 

As for people who like and prefer using mobile applications, the lounge key application makes work easier for you. This makes it the cheapest way to access the program services at your palm.

The application provides a list of all the affordable lounges you want. This makes the registration process for the lounges easier for you. 

What benefits of lounge key?

There are many benefits you will get from the use of lounge key card services when traveling worldwide. To begin with, you will get access to over 1100 airport lounges across the world.

The lounge key card will offer you their services to lounges irrespective of the airline you choose to travel with, provided you qualify for the service.

It will also not matter the type of ticket you are using or your location place. The lounge key service is always free to enter and will not charge you any registration fee. You can use this opportunity to test the lounge and see if it is a service you like to enjoy. 

The benefits of enjoying the lounge key services vary from the different lounges you apply for in the program. Here are other amazing benefits you will get from a variety of lounges when you use a lounge key;

Exclusivity made affordable.

When you use the lounge key service, you will enjoy all the exclusive services at much more affordable prices during your trip.

This benefit is regardless of the type of airline you choose to travel with or the ticket you use for your flight. This enables you to await a warm welcome. 

You will worry less about arriving early.

You will love arriving at your destination early and getting the best airport experience using the lounge key services.

You will turn your airport from an endurance as it used to be and make an indulgence. You will make this possible with complimentary refreshments and also enjoying comfortable seating. 

Offers more than 1100 Lounges worldwide 

You will always get your lounge key waiting for you in almost every international airport you may want to visit.

This makes it easier to use the service everywhere you travel without worrying about its availability.  

You will not have to carry another card when registering for a lounge key membership card. 

The lounge key uses your card, which you will only have to link its details to during registration to the lounge key membership program. 

You will also get an annual complimentary guest pass, which will also depend on the credit card you are using.

Discounts and great deals at specific airports with SPAs, shops, and restaurants. You will pay with the membership card you used to register for the program.

When making your payment, you will get the relevant details that will be applied to your purchase. Sometimes, the program will provide a QR code to help you choose your vendor.

The additional benefits you will get from these services include:

  • There will be secure, reliable, and complimentary WIFI.
  • Refreshments and complimentary drinks from lounges. 
  • Seating is a comfortable and quiet area.
  • Power outlets.
  • Showers in some specific lounges
  • Fully stocked bars in some lounges
  • Business facilities and meeting rooms in some lounges.

Can I share Lounge key access with my spouse?

Yes, sharing your lounge key with your spouse is possible, but on the condition that you bring the spouse.

This service is allowed by many participating lounge keys and may allow you to bring another guest. The conditions you need to know include the restrictions and additional cost of the offer.

These conditions, however, vary depending on the lounge you choose. By checking for these conditions when selecting your lounge, you will have good planning of your expenditure ahead of your trip.

On the other hand, the lounge services and access also vary depending on the location and the lounge key partners. For instance, traditional lounges or people holding cards always get access to shopping, dining, and some SPA offers.

Some airports have lounges partnered with restaurants and bars that publicly operate. When you choose such lounges, using your lounge key card will make you enjoy a significant discount on your final bill. 

The lounge key may also give you access to other airport lounges with exclusive features.

For instance, when you visit the Plaza premium lounges, which are found in the London Heathrow International Airport in the United Kingdom.

You can also find such lounges at the JKF International Airport in the Wingtips Lounge, New York. 

What airports are covered by lounge key?

There are up to 1000 airport lounges across more than 120 countries, which you can access using your lounge key.

This enables you to search for your lounge using your preferred country and get the airport lounge offering the service.

Searching for a nearby lounge becomes simpler with the lounge key mobile application or website. This enables you to have more ways to search for the lounges, including entering your city or even the airport name.

By searching for the airport lounges, you will get access to the service at the nearby airport. This is the best way to know if you can access the airport lounges with a lounge key in your nearby airport. 

It also helps you know if your preferred airport has an airport lounge you can access using an airport lounge key.

I made your research easier by providing the top airports with lounges you can access with a lounge key. Going per country and region, they include the following:

  • United Kingdom 

In the United Kingdom, airports with lounges include Belfast, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Jersey, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester, and Liverpool airports. 

  • Europe Mainland

 In the mainland of the European region, the airports with lounges include Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Athens, Copenhagen, Brussels, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Nice, Munich, Madrid, Rome, Paris, Venice, and Stockholm airports. 

  • United Arab Emirates 

The United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah international airports have lounges you can access with a lounge key. 

  • The United States of America 

In the US, the following airports have lounges you can access by a lounge key; Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, New York, Miami, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Seattle. 

  • Canada

In Canada, these airports have lounges you can access with a lounge key: Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, and Vancouver. 

  • Asia

In the Asian region, these airports have lounges you can access by a longue key: Beijing, Bali, Jakarta, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Denpasar, and Singapore. 

  • Australia and New Zealand

In New Zealand and Australia’s regions, here are the lounges that accept lounge keys: Christchurch, Auckland, Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney, and Queenstown airports. 

How much is Lounge Key Lounge?

The prices of accessing the lounge key lounge vary depending on the lounge and your card type.

This means that the type of card you choose will greatly contribute to the amount you will pay for the lounge key services. Here are some of the cards and their prices:

  • Eurocard Platinum.

When using the Eurocard platinum, you must pay $32 for every visit, which applies to all the guests you accompany on your trip. 

  • Visa Signature 

When holding a Visa Signature card, you will also be eligible to receive lounge access through your card.

You only have to register with the lounge key program and present your card to the staff.

Using the Visa Signature card will cost you $27 per visit for every guest you come along with on your visit. 

  • Standard Chartered Bank

The Standard Bank, with their Visa Infinite credit holders, can also register and access the lounge key for $27 for every guest per visit.

However, if you only have one get, you may get free lounge access if you have the cardholder. You only have to pay for yourself, and your guest gets free access. 

  • HSBC Premier Credit Card

You can also get lounge access with your HSBC Premier credit card. They offer different services at discounted prices, including newspapers, television, and refreshments as their complementary service. 

They also give lounge key services at $27 for every guest per visit. Other credit cards and banks you can use to register for lounge key services include Emirates NBD for $27.

This means that the average price you will have to pay when using the lounge key services with your card is $27 to $32, depending on the type of card you use. 

Is Lounge Key free?

The lounge key is always free to access for some cards, while other specific cards will want you to pay for you to enjoy the service.

However, registering for the lounge key program is free of charge. Cards that allow you access to free lounges include the Bill Visa Platinum.

Before you start using the free lounges with the card, you must know that the lounge is authorized in a transaction. This will make the value of the visit take part in checking the validity of your bill card.

In the process, you need to note that the process of checking will be, at most, your card’s limit.

You need to stay within your limit when using the free lounge key. Doing so will charge the lounge key for any other card you link to your lounge key account.

The other common master cards where you can use the lounge key to access lounge services include:

  • The BMO Ascend World Elite Master card
  • BMO air miles plus master card elite
  • HBSC world elite master card
  • West Jet RBC world elite master card
  • Desjardins Odyssey World elite master card
  • Tangerine World master card
  • National bank world master card. 

Which credit cards use Lounge Key?

Several Master Card credit cards can be used when accessing airport lounges in the lounge key master card airport experience program. They include the following;

  • The HSBC Premier Credit Card

This master card has a membership to Lounge Key and access to more than 750 airports worldwide. The charge per person is 20 euros for every visit, with a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating. 

  • Santander World Elite Master card 

Santander world elite master is another Membership of the lounge key, which offers complementary to more than 1000 lounges.

The card can be used to access airport lounges across the world. With a rating of 4 stars out of 5, Santander is one of the most used master cards to access airport lounges worldwide. 

  • HSBC Premier World Elite Credit Card 

This card also provides membership to Lounge Key with complimentary access to more than 750 airport lounges worldwide. With ⅘ ratings. 

Lounge Key vs. priority pass, which one is better?

Let’s first look at their difference to learn which is better between the lounge Key and the Priority Pass. First, you must understand that the same company manages the priority pass and lounge key.

When using a lounge key, what is required from you is only the master card credit card.

This and your boarding pass and identification will give you access to the lounge. However, in the case of the Priority Pass, you will be required to show your Priority Pass membership card or digital membership. 

In addition, when using a priority pass, you must pay the subscription when your card type requests you to do so.

However, some cards offer it for free. The priority pass covers more than 400 lounges worldwide, more than their lounge keys coverage.

This means that some lounges are linked only to the priority pass. The majority of lounges are linked to both lounge keys and priority passes. 

What does priority pass cost?

Like the lounge key, you can get your priority pass for free when you link your card with their program.

However, your card must be on an annual fee to join the free membership program.

For this reason, you can enjoy the service for free with your card when your card has an annual fee.

Based on this reasoning, it may mean that you are paying for the priority services indirectly when you are paying for your services. 

If you don’t have the card with the annual fee, you must pay for the priority pass lounge services.

The membership plans for the priority pass will cost you an annual fee of $99 and an additional price of $35 for every visit. 

When you apply for the top-tier plan, you must pay $469 per year as your priority pass price. 

There are other ways of accessing airport lounges, even if you don’t have a lounge key. 

They include the following:

Use cards that offer free Lounge access

The easiest way to get a free lounge key is using a card that offers free access to many airport lounges worldwide.

Such cards also offer several other benefits travelers deserve to enjoy when flying, irrespective of their status.

With the right card, you can enjoy all you deserve while traveling to any airport lounge. Here are some top cards that will offer you the best airport lounge.

The Platinum Card

The platinum card is from American Express, which offers you up to an 80000 bonus in their membership program as reward points.

You can claim this reward after spending at least $6000 using the platinum card in the past six months.

The card also offers you $200 per year as your hotel credit in your chosen prepaid bookings.

This offer gives you at least a two-night stay in a hotel when you travel through American Express. 

 The platinum card also offers $155 Walmart plus credit, which will help you cover your monthly membership fee.

In addition, you will enjoy up to $200, which is meant for eats savings, and Uber rides in the United States for both regular and VIP status.

When you spend more than $500000 a year on booking flights, especially when booking directly with airlines, you will also get 5 points.

However, this offer is only available for people who choose American Express travel.

The platinum card has unlimited access to more than 1200 airport lounges worldwide. 

You will not face foreign transaction fees when you choose the Platinum card for your American Express travel.

You only need to pay the annual fee of $695 to access the largest pool of their access to lounges worldwide.

Apart from American Express, you can use the platinum card too on Delta Sky Club, partnered network, Centurion Lounge priority pass chosen lounges, and much more.

To get this priority pass in their membership program, you must pay an annual fee of $429. When you continue spending more using your Platinum card, you will have access to more lounges and other benefits. 

Chase Sapphire reserve 

Just like the platinum card, Chase Sapphire Reserve also provides you with several lounges when you use the card.

To qualify for their rewards, you must have used the card for at least three months and spent at least $4000.

You will get up to 60000 reward points worth $900 when you meet these requirements. You will also get up to $300 yearly travel credit.

The card also provides services that help them solve interruption insurance, trip cancellation, lost luggage insurance, and auto rental collision and damage waiver.

When you use air travel, you will get 5x points and 10x points when you purchase car rentals and hotels using Chase Ultimate rewards. 

Chase Sapphire reserves give you access to more than 1300 airport lounges worldwide in their priority pass selection.

When you want to transfer your reward to cater for other services, let’s say booking a hotel, you are free to do so.

There is no foreign transaction fee charged with this card. You will only have to pay the annual fee of $550.

Even though the platinum card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve provide their members pass lounge access, there is a difference.

The main difference is the restaurant discount offered in the Chase Sapphire and omitted in the American Express card. 


What services can I get from the Lounge Key 24/7 customer service team?

When you contact the support team from the Lounge key, you will be able to get the following services:

  • The support team will verify your eligibility and provide you with the lounges’ amenities and locations. 
  • You can also ask other, more personal questions and get answers from the program. 

Can I take my children with me into the lounge?

Children are allowed into the lounge when accompanied by an adult. However, the policy for administering children varies from the available lounges.

This means you must check with your lounge to see how their policy on children works. You can seek this information from the lounge key application or visit their website. 

What if I lost or misplaced my card while in the lounge?

If your card goes missing when enjoying the lounge, you must quickly report the case to the staff.

Contact the customer care support team at +94112462400 or visit their website contact page.

Is there a limit to the number of guests I can bring to the lounge?

When it comes to rules managing the visits of these lounges with guests, no one applies to all of them worldwide.

Every lounge has its unique rules on how they operate with the guests. They do not provide any limit on the number of guests you can visit the lounge with.

They only limit the occupancy of the guest and their participation. In addition, coming with more guests will also mean that you will have to pay more for the services as the prices are unique for every person.


When you have your credit card, you will have exclusive access to lounges by linking your card to the lounge key program.

This lets you enjoy the fullest luxury when flying to your preferred airport, provided it has a lounge. More than 1000 lounges are available in more than 400 airports worldwide.

You only need to visit the Lounge Key official website or their application and search for the available lounge near you.

Other similar services are available, including the priority pass, which gives you access to lounges worldwide.  This lets you compare the services and the different credit cards that suit you. 

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