Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Tanzania is a well-known East African country home to some of Zanzibar’s best game parks and sandy beaches.

In recent years, Tanzania has gained a lot of interest from tourists who would love to enjoy a good holiday in a new place full of culture in food, drinks, and music, and they are greeted in the Swahili language, “Jambo.” Are you thinking of planning a getaway trip to this beautiful place? Tanzania, which borders Kenya, Is the best destination for you as a tourist.

You have to note that just like any other famous recreational place, Tanzania can be crowded at certain times of the year, making the place very expensive.

This is why you need to plan and know the best time to visit Tanzania, the things to do when there, and, most importantly, the safari seasons. 

Are you interested in finding the best month to go on safari in Tanzania? In this article, we will give you all the details of the best time to visit Tanzania and Kenya, especially the fun things to do to make your trip memorable.

What is safari season in Tanzania?

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


The safari season in Tanzania is the time of the year when many tourists come to Tanzania to have a good game safari drive.

The safari season in Tanzania runs from July to October and January to March. July to October is probably one of the most common safari seasons since it offers some of the best wildlife views due to the short and dry vegetation; hence, it is easier to spot the wild animals and the appearance of elephants at the northern end of the game parks during sunsets, which gives people a worthy picture.

In November, you get to see the birds migrate. This is mainly in the Tarangire area. This is because, in November, the weather in Tanzania is usually wet; hence, birds fly across the region, searching for warmer places to lay their eggs to hatch.

You will usually see a large group of birds moving from one place to another. This is also the best season for people who want to see the baboons as they swing from one tree to another.

In January, you will also see many baby animals being born. You will get to see baby elephants as they are taught with their mothers how to survive, and this makes it the best season to watch a massive herd of elephants moving from one place to another as they blow their trumpets and blow water and sand on their bodies.

You will also see baby antelopes trying to walk as mother kangaroos carry their babies with their stomach pouches. The month of January is mainly considered the calving season.

This is also when predators like cheetahs, lions, and leopards are very wild since they target calves who do not have survival instincts. Thus making it an excellent time to watch the chase between the predators and prey.

They are considered the year’s peak season from June to September. During this time of the year, the game parks and beaches are usually parked; hence it might be better to target October since many tourists return to their countries since the cold season of November is around the corner, almost kicking in.

In September, the water level of Lake Magadi and the surrounding lakes in Tanzania is usually low. Hence, the hippos are more likely to be seen at a closer angle.

What is the best time to Visit Tanzania?

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


The best time to visit Tanzania is during the warm season, from July to October. During this time of the year, many safari camps are usually open, and you are likely to enjoy your safari since the wild animals are usually close and enjoying the weather; hence, spotting them during your trip will be easy.  

The weather in Tanzania tends to change from November to December when short rains are expected, and April to May, when long rains are expected.

During these two times of the year, the weather in Tanzania might not be favorable for going on safari since most boot camps will be closed due to the weather, which might make the safari cars get stuck while driving in the game parks. 

Other than that, areas near the lake and the Indian Ocean usually enjoy hot and humid tropical climates, making them ideal from July to October.

Areas around Mount Kilimanjaro usually experience very low temperatures, almost freezing.

Therefore, it should be noted that for those who wish to go on safari, especially first-time goers, the best time to travel there will be from July to October.

Planning your trip within this period can help you enjoy the beauty of Tanzania, its national parks, and the good beaches of crystal clear water in Zanzibar with your friends and family at affordable prices in most hotels and camps.

What is the best month to visit Dar es Salaam?


Best Time To Visit Tanzania

The best month to visit Dar es Salaam is June. June is the dry month of Dar es Salaam when the place is most busy.

The weather is hot and warm since the long rainy season of April to May is over, the grass is greener than ever, and the temperatures are returning to normal.

It is when the airports are filled with tourists visiting to see the beauty of Tanzania, mostly from Europe and America.

The prices might be competitive during this time, but it is worth the stay and visit. Other than that, most safari camps are usually open; hence, you can choose from some of the best camps and hotels.

It should also be noted that the food there is fantastic. Hence, it would be best to take this time to enjoy all the traditional drinks and food.

During this time of the month, you will see the wild beast migration and their struggle to survive the river, usually filled with crocodiles. 

It is also in June when you will see the savannah grassland that changes from green to yellow, and you will also see Mt Kilimanjaro at a closer angle, with the snow melting at the top of the Mountain.

This can also be a good time to pair a trip to Kenya and Tanzania. You can travel to Kenya for the Masai Mara game park and see the wildlife during this time.

Towards the end of June and early July, the beaches in Tanzania are usually filled with many activities, such as camel rides and the fantastic breeze from the ocean. This will give you a great time at the beach as you sip your cocktail and play in the calm waters.

What is the best month to travel to Kenya and Tanzania?

The best time to visit Kenya and Tanzania is between June and October, with the main target being August and September.

During these months, you will get to catch the most classic view of the two places, and most significantly, you will get to enjoy a good safari.

At the onset of June, the wild beast usually makes their way to Serengeti, where they must cross the Grumeti River, which is generally full of hungry crocodiles ready to eat.

The wild beast must also cross the Mara River to access the green grass that turns yellow for feeding. It is this fantastic crossing that draws many people to Kenya and Tanzania.

As the day draws closer to evening, the sunsets are worth watching, with the orange horizon covering the Serengeti towards the west as animal images are printed in the shadow of the sunset. 

In Kenya, during this month, you can watch the northern Serengeti and enjoy the rich culture of the Masai people of Kenya and how they wrap their clothes around their waist and shoulder as they jump high and dance to their traditional songs.

It should be noted that Kenya is a land of many cultures. Hence, this can be an excellent opportunity to experience all the diverse cultures regarding food, clothes, and music.

You can also take the chance to access the big five, such as lions, elephants, buffalos, and cheetahs, which are usually very visible during this time.

In Tanzania, July and August are the best to access the beach and have a good time swimming in the salty water of the Indian Ocean.

There is also access to the Majimoto waters in Tanzania, where you can swim and jump into the little reserve with friends for fun.

You should note that because these months are famous for tourist attractions, the prices in most restaurants and camps in Kenya and Tanzania, especially in July, can be costly.

Therefore, you must check for affordable hotels and car hires during these months for maximum fun.

What is the hottest month in Tanzania?

What is the hottest month in Tanzania?

The hottest month in Tanzania is February. February lies between October to March, the warmest seasons in Tanzania. The temperatures are usually very high in February at around 80 F.

This is the best time of the year to wear a sleeveless shirt, shorts, and a bucket hat as you take over your summer look.

This is also the best time of the year to take on an adventure of touring the best and most famous places in Tanzania since this is when Tanzania is most active.

This month’s warmest places are the coast, Serengeti, and some parts of Arusha. During this time of the month, the beaches are usually packed with people, but there are many other private beaches where you can have some good quality time as a tourist if you are not a fan of crowded places.

Towards the end of February, the weather usually changes as the short rains begin in March. January and February are traditionally the driest. Hence, it is one of the best months to plan your desert safari.

When the weather is dry, many camps open up for tourists to sleep in for their safari trips.

You also get to have some of the best safari deals with tour companies that offer excellent and affordable prices for safaris.

Besides, you see the wild animals clearly as they try to hunt for food since the place is hot and grass dry.

Towards the northern side of Serengeti Park, you will see elephants at a clearer view and enjoy taking good pictures of the animals cooling themselves in the rivers that run through the various game parks.

This is also the best time to try out scuba diving in Zanzibar, coconut drinks and Pina coladas fresh brewed and made with the actual taste of some of the best recently and freshly harvested fruits as you sit at the beach or the backyard of your camp as you enjoy the fresh air and beauty of nature.

Things to do in Tanzania

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


There are many fun things to do in Tanzania during the safari season. So, you should get ready and add these things to your bucket list before heading to Tanzania for your adventures.

1. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


The best place to make your first adventure when you are energized and full of life is Mount Kilimanjaro.

Here, you will see the beauty of Tanzania and some parts of Kenya from the top of a mountain.

This is also one of the best places to see the glacier of Furtwangler. It takes approximately two days to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. 

The best route to use is the Machame route. This route is considered the most scenic and gives you an extra day to rest and take amazing pictures on your way up.

Ensure you carry a heavy jacket and the right shoes to climb this Mountain because the temperatures can be very low.

Once you get to the 5895 meters, you get a wristband, which is an appreciation for the achievement many famous climbers have achieved. 

The most scenic place to take a picture is Uhuru Peak, which many people who have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro always remember to take a picture of.

For those who have never seen snow before, this is your opportunity to see and touch snow for the first time.

How wonderful is that? It is best to get an experienced mountain climber and tour guide so that you do not get lost and that you are all set with all the necessary equipment for mountain climbing.

2. Safari in Serengeti National Park

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


Serengeti National Park is the largest park in East Africa and Africa’s number one wildlife destination.

This place is home to thousands of wild animals like Leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos, and tigers.

Every year, you get to see thousands of animals crossing over the Serengeti plains as they search for greener pastures and places of cool water to refresh and keep their bodies cool, especially during the hot season.

There is also the famous wild beast migration that takes place in July. During this time, the wild beast migrates through the Serengeti as they search for food.

The most dramatic part is that they must cross the Mara River, filled with crocodiles ready to devour the animals.

As the animals cross as they strive for survival, the trampling and fighting in the water make it ideal to watch and enjoy with friends.

The Serengeti National Park offers the best amenities for an excellent daytime safari drive.

In September, when the weather is hot, and the grass is fry and lower than before, you can spot the animals easily with just your eyes without help from a tour guide. A stop at Serengeti should be added to your bucket list.

3. Zanzibar beaches and scuba diving

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


The one place that you should not miss to travel to is Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a place of crystal clear waters; hence, you can play with turtles and other sea animals, but the most essential and fun activity not to miss out on is scuba diving.

The best place to dive is north of the island to Nungwoi and Snorkel off the coast of Kendwa Reef.

Zanzibar islands such as Pemba are considered the best for diving since you will spot beautiful turtles, starfish, trumpet fish, and other beautiful animals.

The waters are usually clear, hence suitable for pictures and videos. You can also enjoy some of the best seafood in Zanzibar restaurants, which is fresh and directly harvested from the water.

It should be noted that Zanzibar has the best scuba diving waters in Africa. This makes it a worthy activity for your trip to the Zanzibar islands. 

The beaches in the Zanzibar islands of Pemba Nungwi have clear sand suitable for building castles and drawing names.

The reefs are also filled with precious stones and shells that you can carry back home as souvenirs for your excellent trip.

Some of the beaches are free and, hence, easy to access. Plus, you can ride camels as you drink from the coconut with a straw and take many pictures with you. 

Scuba diving activity is affordable, and most scuba diving service providers charge you once for both equipment, a life guide, and photography services. 

3. Hot Air Balloon Safari

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


There is nothing as good as taking a hot air balloon late in the afternoon as you get to see the beauty of Serengeti and its wildlife.

This will make you feel as if you are flying over Africa and its reach nature. The hot air balloon rides can be found in the Serengeti plains, and they end with a glass of champagne and breakfast or dinner to start or end your hot air adventure.

Taking the hot air balloon costs $600 per person for five hours. This will give you an extensive experience of the whole of Serengeti National Park, considering drinks and meals are included in the package.

This is worth trying for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This can be a fun activity with friends or family or when you want to propose to your partner.

This is one of the memorable places you will live to remember on your trip to Tanzania.

4. Masai village

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


Specifically, you cannot visit East Africa and Tanzania and fail to visit Masai Village. The Masai village is home to the Masai communities.

They are primarily settled at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. They are mostly known for being nomads and live their lives mainly herding cows, goats, and camels.

The unique thing about the Masai community that many people abroad might want to see or know is their culture, mainly their dress attire, food, and singing and dancing. 

They usually paint their heads red, which is generally red soil mixed with water and blood and smeared on their heads.

They also wrap ‘lesso’ around their waist to create traditional ware, and they are seen carrying a sizeable slim stick to direct their animals into grazing land.

The Masai village will open doors for you to see traditional artifacts and their ways of life. You will also get to buy necklaces and bangles made from beads. 

Other than that, you will also get to try some of their food and drinks, which many people might not be familiar with the taste.

You will also get entertained by their traditional songs and dances, which many worldwide love. This experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

5. Lake Manyara

Best Time To Visit Tanzania


Are you familiar with flamingos? Pink flamingos, to be specific? Lake Manyara is home to some of the best migratory birds.

In Lake Manyara, many pink flamingos are spotted there due to the alkaline nature of the water, which is similar to what is seen in Lake Nakuru in Kenya.

The flamingos go there to hunt for fish and worms to feed on. During certain times of the day, you will see them migrating to other areas, revealing their pink color, which is worth a picture.

Besides that, you will see eagles and kingfishers flying, carrying their meal for their little kids.

This mesmerizing look of Lake Manyara’s bird migration is stunning for first-time visitors. Lake Manyara is also home to baboons.

This will make you feel like you are in a Planet Apes movie. Many baboons and monkeys jump from one tree to another as they feed on bananas. 

They will take your sausage and bananas away if you are not careful. Besides that, you will see giraffes as they drink, and their reflection is impressive. Adding this to your bucket list will make your visit to Tanzania adventurous.

6.  Ngorongoro crater




Ngorongoro crater is found in the Ngorongoro conservation area. It is home to some of the best animals because many wild animals are attracted to this place.

After all, it feels like a good hideout for them. The crater has water; hence, many big animals like elephants like going there because it is fun to play with water.

This place is home to elephants, rhinos, gazelles, zebras, and buffalo. The majority of the animals that live in the crater are wild beasts.

This crater is around 3 million years old and home to some watching birds. If you wish to see more animals, the best thing to do is to go to this crater since you will see all the best animals.

7. Stone town in Zanzibar



Stone town is home to Tanzania’s culture. It has not undergone many alterations in the past years, but it is a tourist attraction in Tanzania.

Its rich history as a stopping place for Arab traders during the Indian Ocean trade makes it unique and memorable to many.

This place has ancient curved doors and beautiful architectural buildings well-preserved by residents.

This place is good to walk through on a clear afternoon on your way to the Darajani market since the architecture there is worth looking at.


Tanzania offers the best seasons for safari, which run from June to October and January to March. The weather is a bit warm during these seasons, giving a good climate for safaris.

Besides that, you will see animals clearly since the grass is shorter when the weather is hotter, and the place is filled with many amazing birds.

Remember to travel to the Zanzibar islands to enjoy the good beaches and scuba diving. Plan your trip to Tanzania effectively by following the information provided in this article.

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