Best Time To Visit Cuba

Cuba is an Island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. It is located South of Florida, the largest nation in the Caribbean.

It is well known for its culture, music, and language, which is quite different from other nations.

Because it is located on an island and close to the sea, it has stunning beaches and a fantastic food and drink culture that many people worldwide come every year to visit and see the beauty of this place. It is also one of the countries well known for having amicable people.

This place has a tropical climate, and its unique culture makes it ideal for people who love culture to drop by this place to enjoy it.

The tropical climate of this place means that the fruits and vegetables are plentiful, making it ideal for preparing many Cuban cuisines.

Their food is a mixture of Cuban and African cultures. The weather in Cuba is usually good most times of the year.

Hence, you are assured that the temperatures will be ideal and you will have a good time on vacation in this place. 

Cuba is famous, so it is expensive to live in or vacation. The hotels are mostly five-stars and tend to be very expensive, especially during the high peak seasons in Cuba.

Many tourists avoid traveling there during those times of the year to avoid paying excessively.

This article will look at the best time to visit Cuba and the fun things to try out while vacationing there.

What are the best months to go to Cuba?

The best months to go to Cuba are from November to April since those are the dry months in Cuba.

January, February, and March are the busiest in Cuba, making them not ideal since the prices in most resorts are likely to be very high.

If you enjoy good weather conditions accompanied by fewer crowds, you will aim for other months, like May to August, as the rainy seasons begin in September.

Cuba receives over 3 million visitors every year. Most of these visitors come between November and February, with many aiming for Christmas and New Year festivals.

The heat in Cuba can be too much so that you might suffer heat stroke and dehydration.

It would be best if you always were on the lookout to avoid the effects of the sun by wearing sunscreen.

The rich weather makes it ideal for wearing light clothes and basking in the sun as you sit by the coast sipping cocktails and coconut milk. 

The warm water in January and February is ideal for swimming, with many people taking advantage of this time of the year to go surfing or diving.

Marine life is very active during this time; hence, you will likely see jellyfish, starfish, turtles, and many other beautiful water animals.

Cuba is also very prone to hurricanes and mosquitos. Hence, it would be best to target a season in which these phenomena do not occur, which is the dry season.

What month is the rainy season in Cuba?

The rainy season in Cuba can be very intense since heavy rainfall hits the area. The heavy rain is usually accompanied by high humidity levels in Cuba, significantly leading to heat. You would expect temperatures to decrease in the wet seasons, but it is the opposite.

The rainy season runs from June to October. The rain is often hefty, making many activities outside unbearable.

Most of the time, people avoid going to the beach due to the strong wind blowing and the heavy rainfall that rains all day and night.

Due to the heavy rainfall, mosquitos are likely to occur quickly; hence, you might not have a good night’s sleep in the hotels.

Thunderstorms are also very likely to happen this season, especially in the afternoon and late in the evening. The weather can get worse as the hurricane season approaches.

Dark clouds are also very likely to occur during the wet season, but this should not be a problem because occasionally, in the afternoon, you will likely see clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine. 

Because the wet season is filled with hefty rainfall, you will likely have your water contaminated; hence, it would be best to stock your refrigerator with clean filtered water or buy treated water from the supermarket.

The rainy season worsens in August as heavy rains are approximately 4.5 inches, and they hit with a thud.

This makes it very difficult to do any activity; hence, most tourists are advised to avoid traveling during this time of the year, and if they do, they should be very aware of what they are getting into.

What is hurricane season in Cuba?

The hurricane season begins in late August and continues until October. This is considered the worst time to visit Cuba because the weather is very scotch, and it will likely disrupt all your activities, making it hard for you to do anything.

The hurricane hit hard, and the local authorities usually advised people to stay indoors since the temperatures could worsen.

These hurricanes mainly occur in the wet season, and it is almost impossible to witness them in the dry season. 

Hurricane occurrence during the dry months of November to June is infrequent, and it is almost impossible to witness them.

According to weather reports, hurricanes in Cuba occur at least seven times a year. The most hit regions are Pinar del Rio and Isla de la Juventud.

Storms can cause landslides; sometimes, electricity poles and trees can fall on roads, blocking roads for cars to grow.

The wind can be too strong to the extent of carrying people away or, even worse, blowing off the roofs of many houses, thus damaging properties worth millions.

Most resorts and restaurants close their doors during the hurricane season and send people home to protect their employees from risks if the hurricanes worsen.

Other than that, this leads to many visitors avoiding traveling to Cuba because of the weather. The hurricane season is also accompanied by heavy rains, usually blown away by the wind.

This makes roads unpassable, and people are not allowed to go to the beach during those times.

If you plan to visit Cuba for a vacation, you should check the weather first to avoid disappointment when you can’t do anything about it. 

What is the hottest month in Cuba?

July to October are the hottest months in Cuba. August is the hottest month in Cuba. The temperatures in this month are usually at 33 degrees Celsius.

The temperatures are the highest this month, and it’s probably cool because you get to wear your sleeveless dress or shorts and top.

During this time of the year, many schools are usually closed; hence, you are likely to have the beaches crowded.

Therefore, this might not be ideal for your travel adventures if you do not like large crowds.

The high heat is primarily because of the high humidity level, which results from heavy downpours of rain.

The heat is usually too much that cycling and surfing activities are disrupted. It is also towards the end of August that hurricanes begin to occur.

When this happens, the heat emitted in Cuba gets worse, and people spend most of their time indoors.

August is also considered the worst time to travel since the heavy winds start blowing off the seats at the beach. Hence, the authorities have asked people to vacate the beach. 

Most people in Cuba only go out at night in August since the heat is unbearable during the day.

To make things worse, these are the times when you are likely to suffer a heat stroke or, even worse, get dehydrated.

It would help if you carried a bottle of water everywhere you go during this time of the month, and when you travel, ensure that you have hand fun and wear white clothing as you walk around.

Even though these are days when hotels cost the cheapest, it might be best to avoid touring since it could get worse.

What is the cheapest season to go to Cuba?

The cheapest months to travel to Cuba are from May to June and September to October. May to June is because the rainy seasons will be slowly approaching; many visitors will leave to return to their countries.

It is also when the Easter holiday that runs in April will be over; hence, many people will return to their everyday lives.

This time of the year can also be a bit better since the flights will be cheaper than ever, and you will likely enjoy many discounts with hotel rooms on your tour in May.

This month also has some cool temperatures. Therefore, you do not have to worry too much about the heat in July.

You can enjoy the ocean’s warm water by swimming, fishing, and other fun activities.

Due to the reduced crowd, you can also walk around freely, seeing the different architectural designs and historical monuments, which are mind-blowing.

You can also access the beach easily due to the smaller crowd and take beautiful pictures easily.

September to October is also an excellent month to travel to Cuba since the schools will reopen, and kids will return to school for their term. Hence, few locals will walk around and access the enjoyment facilities.

You will most likely eat good, cheap Cuban food in these months. You will also be stunned to learn that most businesses sell Cuban clothes and shoes at a discount. If you plan well, you will even sleep in a five-star hotel at affordable rates.

How many days are enough to visit Cuba?

You require a minimum of 4 days to travel to Cuba without counting the flight days, but if you want to enjoy more of Cuba, you can take more days to travel around and see all the very best places in the city.

Cuba is a massive island in the Caribbean. Hence, you will likely have a more thrilling experience if you spend more days there as a tourist.

The heart of Cuba is Havana, the capital city of Cuba. Here, you will get to see the famous monuments that will leave you in awe of the beauty of this country.

If you have less time to travel to Cuba, visiting Havana and then going to the beach to experience all the fun activities can be a good option.

The beauty of Havana can be noticed in its good people, who are very welcoming. Here, you can try some of the best Cuban dishes and enjoy delicious meals with the best recipes. Many restaurants offer good foods from other origins, like America, France, and Italy.

On your four-day tour, you can take one day to their national park, where you will see different species of animals and plants. You can also enjoy horse riding and hiking.

Before you leave Cuba, ensure that you get to try out the life of the party at night. The streets are usually filled with energy and good music for the ones who love dancing.

You will also enjoy some of the best street food, which might not be very familiar to your tongue, but they will leave you wanting more Cuban delicacies. 

If you are a person who enjoys good tours and photography, it would be best if you hired professional photographers to help in capturing beautiful pictures for you and your family.

You can also hire a traveling agency to ensure your trip is memorable and enjoyable for those 4 to 7 days in Cuba.

You are also likely to pay cheaper with a traveling company than going solo with all the hotel booking processes and showing yourself around.

How expensive is Cuba for tourists?

 A typical tour to Cuba for a tourist is costly. It can range from $1500 to $4000, including travel insurance, flights, and hotel stay per person.

Depending on where you are departing from, going to Cuba on a flight can start from as high as $1700.

Many people choose to travel through agencies since they are likely to enjoy some discounts on their travel.

Hotels can be expensive during peak seasons, such as November to March. Many people are advised to try booking early to reserve their stays early enough.

A night in most hotels in Cuba will cost you as much as $200 per person. In most hotels, they only include breakfast and dinner for the price.

Many flights from countries like the US and Europe are restricted to land in Havana airport only, thus explaining the high flight tickets.

With the growth of Airbnb, many prefer renting these spaces instead of a hotel room since it’s cheaper than renting a hotel room.

With Airbnb, you are likely to spend as little as $50 per night per person, including breakfast on the price.

This has made some hotels lower their costs since they are losing customers. Many customers opt to go to the beach instead of using the swimming pools provided by hotels in a bid to save more.

Health insurance is also recommended when traveling to Cuba. You are expected to show proof of your medical insurance coverage when traveling to Cuba at the airport since it can cover your medical expenses of up to $8 per week on the island.

When walking around buying things on your own, expect to spend in total per day from $40 to as high as $120.

Therefore, plan yourself properly before the trip. Most restaurants charge very high for meals; hence, ensure you budget correctly to avoid surprises.

Why is it so expensive to travel to Cuba?

Traveling to Cuba is very expensive because the country is situated on an Island, and the amenities might not be enough to meet the demand of all the tourists traveling to Cuba.

Cuba receives an average of 3 million tourists every year. The hotels are usually fully booked and the restaurants fully reserved, making it an ideal time for businesses to profit.

Hence, the majority of the places hike their prices in a bid to target American and European clients on vacation with their families.

It is also noted that most hotels are four- and five-star. Hence, their amenities are the best. Thus, they charge high prices for their services and class.

Another reason Cuba is very expensive is that most flights are only permitted to land at Havana airport, thus restricting the number of visitors who can enter the country daily.

This makes ticketing to Cuba from countries like the US and China expensive.

It should be noted that because the majority of visitors either land or dock at the beach with ships, the city of Havana becomes very expensive for people to stay in for a holiday. People can only afford a trip of 7 days maximum. 

Another reason why Cuba is very expensive is because it attracts the working class and rich folks.

This makes it costly since many people are willing to spend their money to experience luxury.

Maybe this is a sign that you need to make good money to plan a trip to Cuba because some people are willing to spend as much as $500 per night to stay in a five-star hotel.

This is understandable because they have the money. But targeting the less busy seasons might be best if you want to save a lot. 

What is off-season in Cuba?

The off-season in Cuba is when the prices are lower than in other seasons. In Cuba, the off-season runs from May to September.

The place is less crowded during this time, and you are more likely to enjoy incredible discounts.

The season is usually low because Easter is over, and many people have returned to their country to continue their day-to-day activities.

Other than that, kids have returned to school; hence, a few locals will be touring the city too. Thus, you will get to enjoy some incredible discounts at low prices.

Most hotels during this time are usually cheaper than ever; because of the few tourists, they are expected to cost less.

This is an excellent time to enjoy discounts in restaurants and five-star hotels. You will likely find high-end hotels and resorts costing as low as $150 per night per person.

The restaurants also cost cheaper to eat in, and with others, you do not have to book in advance to dine in them.

This is also the best time to go to the beach and bask or play netball with your friends since the place will be less packed than usual. You will also get the chance to enjoy surfing in the less crowded ocean.

The off-season gives way to scuba diving in the ocean since the prices with scuba diving companies will be cheaper.

You will get to scuba dive and enjoy some quality time below the deep seas. You can see the different types of animals in the ocean and take many incredible photos to post for your holiday.

Working with a touring company to maximize your trip during this season is best.

This off-season also allows you to travel around Havana city and see the many monuments since the place will be less crowded.

It is easy to educate yourself and learn about the history behind the tremendous Cuban town of Havana.

This is also the time to check out the architectural buildings and take pictures without having your pictures ruined by people passing behind you.

How to travel to Cuba on a budget?

Cuba is undeniably one of the most expensive places to travel to. But you do not have to spend all your money on a trip to Cuba because, with just the proper budget, you will set yourself up for amazing opportunities. Here are some tips on how to travel to Cuba on a budget.

Set a daily travel budget.

You must set a daily budget when traveling to Cuba and stick to that budget. The average amount of money you can spend in Cuba, including the hotel room and food, is $500.

This can increase if you go shopping or seek private recreational activities. Ensure that you stick to your budget and don’t buy things you had not planned.

Always ask about the price.

It would help if you asked for the cost of food and other services before indulging in them.

Most restaurants price their drinks and food high during the high season, so you might be surprised when the bill is brought to you.

You must check the prices of different restaurants online before walking just into anyone and sitting.

Take different food options.

Food can be pretty expensive in Cuba. You will likely spend a lot if you stick to just flesh food. Change your food options from green leafy vegetables to flesh.

Also, occasionally, takeouts in some of the American restaurants. You will be surprised that those restaurants that look cheap are costly in Cuba. 

Travel with a group of friends or family.

Traveling as a group will ensure you get many discount rates for the many services you order.

A group of friends will also ensure that each of you chips in to ensure you get the best services at a low cost.

You can also share meals with your friends, saving the cost of staying in a hotel room. 

Search for cheap flight deals.

If you want to save more on your trip to Cuba, you must get the best flight deals on your way to Cuba.

In most countries, the flights are expensive, but when you target specific times of the year, you will likely save a lot of money on your trip to Cuba and back.

What is the high season in Cuba?

The high season in Cuba runs from November to April. This is the period in which many people take to celebrate Christmas, New Year, and Easter holidays.

The hotels are packed with tourists during this time, and almost everything is expensive.

It is also when many demand recreational amenities; hence, you might not enjoy yourself as much as you would have wanted.

The flights are usually costly during this time, and there is hardly any room to cater to the guests at low prices.

During this time, people traveling as families and friends will likely spend a lot of money because discounts are not generally offered at this time of the year.

You must budget properly to avoid paying too much for recreational activities that might not yield much.

November to April is understandable for having a high number of visitors because the weather is usually warm and not too hot to bear.

Hence you can enjoy swimming in the ocean and surfing quickly. 

The high seasons are best avoided if you can because you will spend too much money on activities in most other seasons.

Things to do in Cuba

There are many things to do in Cuba that many places worldwide might not offer when you get a chance to go to Cuba.

Ensure you take your experience to the next level by indulging in some of these activities.

Dance to Cuba live traditional music

Best Time To Visit Cuba


Cuba is a country of culture. This explains why many people go there every year. The music in Cuba was refreshing and excellent to the ears.

It is the type of music that you would love to stand up and dance to the rhythm. The nightclubs in Havana are full of live music that you would want to sing to and enjoy the rhythm.

Their traditional dances mainly involve shaking the hips and moving the waist beautifully.

This is one opportunity for you to take up and dance and enjoy yourself. The streets are also filled with music and amazing performances that will make you understand why you are in Cuba. Take up the challenge and enjoy.

2. Surfing in the ocean


Best Time To Visit Cuba

Cuba is well known for surfing and boat racing. This is one of the activities that you should consider doing.

Many trainers at the beach will charge you a small fee to learn how to surf, and when you enter the water, you will have a memorable experience.

If you are too scared of the water, you can start with small waves and then progress to more giant waves.

You also have the opportunity to go on boat riding adventures, where you get to compete with your friends to row the boat.

This can make your stay in Cuba to be fun and memorable at the same time. Renting surfing boats is also not complex. They are very cheap.

3. Attending Cuba’s festival

Best Time To Visit Cuba


Cuba holds a lot of festivals in the city of Havana and many other places like Santiago de Cuba.

Here you will get to listen to Cuba’s folklore and other stories, such as their legends and mythical stories, and you will also get to watch fireworks performances which will mesmerize you.

There are also movie nights to watch as groups. The street festival usually last for months in Cuba.

Maybe it’s time you join the groups of people dancing on the streets with drums and decorations on their hair.

4. Architecture in Havana town


Best Time To Visit Cuba

Havana is Cuba’s capital city, home to some of the best architectural designs. The ancient Cuban people used to decorate and curve their walls in beautiful designs that were very attractive, and today, these buildings are still in existence.

You should visit Havana and catch up on some architectural buildings. You can get to know their history, take pictures of them, and post them on your social media to share with others. Havana town also has some of the most ancient buildings that have been well-preserved by the government.

5. Try Cuban dishes

Best Time To Visit Cuba


Cuba honestly has some of the best dishes in the world. Their dishes combine African and Cuban culture, which reflects Cuban culture.

Some restaurants cost more than others, but that is no reason to shy away from the many delicacies in Cuba.

You can also try out their cocktails and drinks in their clubs at affordable prices. If you wish to try out street food and walk around in their town center at night, you will find many delicacies worth enjoying.

6. Go to the beach

Best Time To Visit Cuba


Cuba has very many private beaches that you can enjoy staying in if you are not a person who wants large groups of people.

The public beach in Cuba is usually very crowded almost throughout the year. Hence it might not be a good idea to go there alone.

The beaches are worth going to since you can watch as the sun goes down or watch people swimming or, even better, absorb some vitamin D in the sun, and do not forget to wear sunscreen.

7. Go sea diving

Best Time To Visit Cuba


Cuba is home to many sea species. This is an excellent opportunity to go sea diving and see the world below the sea. There are very many jellyfish and starfish to see.

There are also many dolphins to see. You can also take the time to go scuba diving and see all the best things on the ocean floor. Sea diving is a fun and memorable activity that you should not fail to do.


Is Cuba safe for visitors? 

Cuba is generally very safe for visitors. It is one of the top tourist destinations, and many people love the place and have not experienced any insecurity issues that might prevent them from enjoying their time in Cuba.

Although the place is generally safe, you should avoid going to isolated areas since you can become a robbery victim if you are not cautious.

Otherwise, Cuba is generally very safe, and anyone can travel there freely. It is also LGBTQ-friendly, and women can roam freely without fear.

When do hurricanes occur in Cuba? 

Hurricanes occur from July to October, with August being the primary time they entirely happen.

Hurricanes come with storms and lightning, but there are days when the sky is clear, and there are no dark clouds.

It would be best if you were on the lookout for weather alerts to avoid being surprised by the sudden surge of hurricanes when traveling there.

Because of the hurricane, there is usually a high humidity level in the air, leading to high heat, which can disrupt many touring activities, and you might not be able to do much in your exploration.

How much should I expect to spend in Cuba per week? 

You will likely spend approximately $3000 per week in Cuba, including hotel, food, and other things.

If you wish to buy things like clothes or visit private places that might require an entrance fee, you will likely spend more on your trip to Cuba.

Cuba can be very expensive for first-time goers since the flights are costly, and the hotels can be hard to get at a discount.

Choosing the less busy seasons can help save you a lot of money in your travel activities. 

Is it worth it to travel to Cuba?

Traveling to Cuba is very worth it since it has many fun activities to offer. It is also home to some of the best dishes combining African and Cuban recipes.

If you want a wholesome experience, Cuba is the best place to travel to. It should be noted that although Cuba is expensive, it is worth every dollar because you will live to remember this fantastic experience. 


Cuba is an island that is located in the Caribbean. It is the most oversized island, and it receives more than 3 million visitors every year.

The place is full of unique activities to partake in, and the people there are fantastic. The best time to visit Cuba is between November and April.

During these times of the year, you will likely enjoy yourself to the fullest. The hurricane begin in June to October. It is best not to travel on those days.

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