10 Best Car Rental Websites

If you are looking for the best car rental site to hire your dream car for a road trip or luxury purpose, this article is for you.

Here I will take you through the best car rental websites in the world with the best customer service you will love.

This includes providing you with the best car brand, the type of car you want, and a price that favors your pocket. 

However, when planning to rent a car, there are some things you need to consider, including; the type of car renting sites.

There are up to four common car rental sites: peer-to-peer rental sites, rental firm comparison sites, electric car rental sites, and other niche rental sites.

Considering the type of site you want to rent your car from will allow you to rent your preferred vehicle.

 For instance, the different site types offer car rentals for other car purposes. This might include luxurious cars, sports, and ordinary cars for road trips.

If you want an eco-friendly car, you can go to the electrical car rental site and choose your preferred electrical website.

Here is a breakdown of the top car rental sites from different car types with the best customer service and excellent customer services online. 

10 Best Car Rental Websites

Rental cars 

They rent cars through their official site, rentalcars.com, the most popular online website that offers people rental cars.

The website allows clients to book a rental car with other wealthy options. To rent a car from rentalcr.com, you only need to key in your date, driver’s age, and destination for the pickup.

When you submit your request, rental cars will provide you with lists of car offers from different manufacturing companies worldwide.

The multiple offers in their list may make it overwhelming before you learn how to filter them out. You can check the price, fuel policy, and mileage during filtration.

It is one of the cheapest websites to rent cars online and offers the best car deal. Their great deals make them a suitable option for road-tripping on a budget.

If you want to rent a car for road-tripping purposes, rental cars are the best option for you that will fit within your budget. 


  • The rental car site is famous and reliable.
  • The rental car offers customers the best deals, making it the best site for renting cars.
  • The website also offers a guaranteed price match for their cars.


  • The company has hidden fees that may add to your charges, especially if you must be more careful.
  • The website only lists some local companies that hire cars on their platform. 

Rhino Car hire

Rhino Car Hire is another top best site to hire a car online through their official website, rhinocarhire.com.

The website is the best comparison of car rental sites in North America and is best suitable for people traveling to the place or within the environment.

The website admin claims to offer an opportunity to get cars online. If you travel around North America, you will likely access their services as they serve in the area.

The website boosts 24/7 multilingual customer services with no hidden fee and a flexible location. 

Rhino car hire also provides you with several rental car comparison sites. The website only requires you to type in your details and get connected.

The website offers several car brands from different companies by receiving your request details. They also advise clients on the type and brand of car they may need most.


  • The website is easy to use when making your bookings
  • The company provides 24/7 customer support on its website when you face any issues during your bookings.
  • The system offers several options of car type and brand to customers.


  • Does not have a loyalty program

Hertz car rentals

Hertz is known as one of the best car rentals in the world due to their world-class services and easy-to-use system through their hertz.com.

The Company offers clients from up to seven continents the opportunity to hire cars and enjoy its services. The company covers more than 150 countries across the world.

Their services range from electric and cheap car rentals, and much more. Their main aim is always to have something to offer anyone who would like to rent a car.

The company also has a loyalty program for its customers which you will benefit from once you decide to work with them.

 There is also Hertz Gold plus rewards which are points that you can redeem in the system to add more free rental days for your car.

Plenty of other offers on the company website include up to 35% off deals and up to $150 off monthly rentals. With plenty of requests, the site also partners with other sites to offer you more services you can use in the system. 


  • Offers a great loyalty program.
  • Provides a wide range of vehicles on their site.
  • Offers a variety of deals, including a $150 off monthly rental.
  • Available in more than 150 countries across the world.


  • Some customers complain of hidden fees in their system.
  • You might sometimes be forced to pay for additional drivers when you are not a member of their loyalty program. 

The Turo car rentals 

Turo car rental belongs to a group of Airbnb versions of car rentals that provide a suitable option for road-tripping rentals and much more.

The website allows you to hire cars from other hosts rather than getting them from a rental company. This car hire site saves you more money than when you face car rental agencies.

The system provides you with plenty of cars to choose from and is straightforward to use when making bookings. Due to its unique way of offering car hire services to its customers, the system still stands as the cheapest website to book a car. 


  • The system is straightforward to use
  • The website provides customers with plenty of cars to hire. 
  • Their rental terms are more flexible in the market, especially when you are operating in the exact location as them.


  • The car hire may not be available at specific destinations and demand dates. 
  • The system may make you pay for the surge fee set for younger drivers despite being 25 years old.

Getaround car rentals 

Getaround is another peer-to-peer car rental site in Europe and covers several locations in Europe, even though it’s meant to serve the whole world.

The website is one of Europe’s largest platforms offering round-trip car hire. The system provides more than 3500 cars for instant booking.

The company also provides its customers with vehicle insurance coverage, making it more efficient than other agencies.

For instance, most car rental sites always make their car owners sort out the insurance policy themselves. With the insurance coverage, you will worry less about skipping out on the insurance. 


  • The system offers complimentary roadside assistance.
  • There is insurance coverage for their cars for every rented car.
  • Their system is easy to use and book your cars.
  • There are plenty of cars to rent from the website. 


  • The rental site is not available in some major destinations of Europe.
  • Some of their cars are expensive to rent.

Zipcar Car rentals site

Zipcar is another peer-to-peer car rental company offering car hiring services to clients on a short-term basis.

The car has a unique way of providing car hire services as you can hire cars for the longest time you want rather than restricting to specific dates.

For instance, if you are looking for a day trip car hire, Zipcar allows you to hire the car for only the hours you want to spend with the vehicle.

The company also offers plenty of benefits and is membership-based, with a monthly subscription of only $9. You will also get roadside assistance, maintenance, gas, and secondary insurance coverage. 

However, in their hourly offer, you must pay for the hourly car rate, which mostly ranges between $11-$100.

Zipcar is based in the United States, covering over 400 cities and other cities in neighboring Canada. You can also find them in Taiwan, the United Kingdom, France, and Turkey. 


  • Offers the best short-term car rental services 
  • Provides its customers with membership perks
  • Offers a 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Provides a secondary insurance coverage 


  • Can have limited availability in some in-demand destinations

Drive-share car rentals 

Driveshare is another website that offers a peer-to-peer car rental for cool and classic vehicles of your choice. Their traditional choices of cars make them the best site to hire luxurious cars for your purposes.

The Haggerty insurance company owns the rental company and is the best site to hire exotic cars.

The system provides you with plenty of car brands to hire, including Porsche, 1970 Triumphs, Ford Thunderbirds, 3566 Speedster, and ford mustangs. Their exotic car collection allows you to hire and drive your dream car. 


  • The system offers more relaxed and classic cars 
  • There are plenty of exotic cars to hire from their collection
  • The company provides roadside customer assistance and other support. 


  • The car rental site is only available in the United States. 
  • The fee charged for hiring their exotic cars should be lowered.

Drivers car rentals 

Drivers is another best website to hire luxurious cars in Europe, operating in up to seven major countries. You can also get them in the United Kingdom if you are in the or within the country.

The site provides you with plenty of car collections to choose from for your luxury, including Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris.

Apart from these sports cars, the site offers other car types, such as SUVs, luxury vans, and convertibles. The company site provides the simplest way to book a vehicle with easy-to-use tools.

The company offers a real-time availability service on a door-to-door option with a guaranteed model car booking. In addition, the site is flexible to use and offers up to three days of cancellation for your rental request. 


  • Offers a guaranteed car model to customers
  • Provide a door to door services, especially during delivery.
  • Provides roadside assistance and 24/7 customer support.


  • The website is not available in Europe 
  • Their daily rental charges are quite high.

Apex Luxury Car Share 

Another best car rental company in the United States that allows you to drive your dream car without owning it. The company is equivalent to Driverso when you are within the United States and not in Europe.

The Apes car rentals are available in Europe and have up to four destinations in the United States of America. They include New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

The company offers a variety of exotic cars from different brands, including; limousines, chauffeur cars, convertibles, and weddings. 


  • The website offers varieties of cars for hire, especially for luxurious purposes. 
  • They provide the best customer support and services.
  • They are available in both Europe and the United States.


  • Does not show the price upfront. 

Ufo Drive car rentals 

Ufo Drive company website allows you to drive an electric vehicle with an eco-friendly nature.

You can easily book your car rental from their easy-to-use site on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, or laptop.

There are available return and pick-up services with a self-experience available. This service makes the Ufo Drive car rental site extremely convenient with the inclusion of electric charging cars. 


  • There are varieties of eco-friendly electric cars offered on the website for hire.
  • The system also offers electric charging services to customers.
  • There is 244/7 good customer support. 


  • The system does not accept debit cards for payment. 


Renting a car allows you to drive your dream car without owning it. This is especially when you have a road trip and want to use a private means with your loved car brand.

You can contact any of these car rental sites and hire your best choice car from their car collection.

However, note that most of these sites operate in European countries, the United States, and Canada, even though some operate worldwide.

So, you should always consider your location and check whether the company operates within your region. 


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