8 Best Under-The-Seat Luggage For Plane Travel

When you want to travel by air, train, or simply in a car, you must be worried about how you will safely carry your luggage.

However, under-seat luggage offers you the best solution for your trip by helping you keep your items safe.

It makes you worry less about the check bag fees as it can help you fit all your clothing and make you have your valuables at your feet.

However, the number of carry-on luggage bags is currently flooding the market. This sometimes makes it difficult to choose the best one for your items. 

For instance, the bags are designed for different purposes with different designs and may not be generalized when choosing your best Bag.

For example, when going for a longer trip, you must select a more durable bag that can withstand being used for longer.

At the same time, other bags are most suitable for short trips, while others are best suited for leisure travel and luxury purposes.

Also, when tired or carrying a backpack and wants one that rolls smoothly on its wheel, we have the best choice for you.

So, in this article, I present different under-seat bags of top quality for other traveling purposes. In addition, I also provide you with these full best bags based on their capacity, value, and functionality.

8 Best Under-The-Seat Luggage

#1. Calpak Hue Mini Carryon Luggage

Hue Mini Carryon Luggage is topping my list as the best under-seat luggage bag that perfectly holds your belongings when traveling on air. My choice of the Bag is based on its top-quality performance and reputation from its users. 


The Calpak Hue Mini Carryon luggage bag is the top most valued Bag with the following ratings.

Regarding capacity, the Bag attracts a rating of 5/5, while its quality design attracts a rating of 4.5/5.

In addition, its value is rated at 5/5, with its functionality at the best of 5/5. The Bag also has excellent maneuverability, rated at 5/5. All these ratings are from users’ experience of the Hue Mini Carryon Luggage bag. 

Functionality features

The luggage bag attracts an excellent rating due to its top performance as it provides amazing organization of sections.

The sections within the Bag include the laptop sleeve, pouches, and zippered interior pockets. The Bag needs the locking instructions included, especially for the online posting.

The Calpak Hue Carryon luggage bag is not only excellent for its functionality but also very stylish. It is perfectly designed to fit firmly under the airplane seat.

Its excellent organization makes it more reliable and safer for use. For instance, one side of the Bag is dedicated to the mesh pockets.

The site also has a laptop sleeve; the other side is an open compartment where clothes and shoes can be kept. 

You can also fit other things like flip-flops, a bomber jacket, pants, and shirts without experiencing any space issues.

However, the Bag does not have any pockets situated outside its suitcase. In addition, when traveling, you would like to pull out things like your phone charger, laptop charger, or even the laptop itself from the Bag.

In this case, the best way is to remove what you would like to use before the plane takes off. This is because it may be challenging to remove the items when on air, especially when the dial lock of the suitcase is on. 


  • Its size measures 16 by 13.5 by 8, where all the measurements are taken in inches. 
  • Hue Mini Carryon Luggage bag weighs 6.05 pounds when empty. 
  • The Bag has up to four spinner wheels.  


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2. Rockland Melrose Upright Wheeled Under Seater


Rockland Melrose upright Wheeled under seat bag merges as the most spacious luggage bag for traveling on a plane.

The Bag offers the most precious experience for keeping your luggage, especially when you prefer using a roomy bag.

It also perfectly fits the under seat of most airplanes, which makes it the best option for travelers who like using different models of planes.

Due to its excellent performance, the Bag has attracted a higher rating with a positive reputation online. Here are the top ratings of the Rockland Melrose Upright Wheeled under seater. 


Looking at its capacity, the Rockland Melrose Upright Wheeled luggage bag offers you a roomy space for storing your luggage safely.

This makes its capacity attract a rating of 5/5 from most reviewers. The luggage bag has a stylish design that makes it more attractive and can be rated 5/5 based on its look compared to similar bags from different models.

However, Bag’s maneuverability can be placed at 3.5/5, with its value being suitable at 3/5. The Bag has an overall rating of 4.2 out of five stars. 

Functionality and features

Many users love the Rockland Melrose Upright Wheeled Luggage bag for its large compartment, which makes it perfect for storing bulky items.

This may include jeans, shoes, jackets, bulky clothes, etc. Note that the Bag may be too large for some planes with small under-seat spaces.

However, this may also depend on your sitting position and the type of aircraft you boarded.

On the other hand, the Rockland Melrose Upright Wheeled luggage bag has a U-shaped opening that leads you to its large compartment. The large room is suitable for storing more oversized items like clothes and shoes.

 There are also zippered pockets in the compartment that helps you store small items. Its maneuverability attracts an average rating as sometimes the wheels of the Bag have challenges when turning on tight corners.

In addition, pulling its handle may sometimes be difficult, forcing you to apply more force. Even at that, its superior organization still makes it perfect, with plenty of space for keeping your luggage. 


  • Its sides measure 16 by 11.5 by 8, with all measurements taken in inches.


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#3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Luggage Expandable under seater Spinner

Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Luggage Expandable under seater Spinner

Going by the best-styled luggage bag, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea’s expandable under-seater spinner is the best choice.

The Bag is most loved for its gold hardware, which makes it so stylish that everyone crashes it. Even at that, there is still much more to talk about this fantastic luggage bag.

What interested me most is its front end which always expands outwards, especially when you pack the Bag to its capacity. These great features make the Bag attract a higher rating online.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea luggage Expandable under-seater spinner bag has an overall rating of 4 out of five stars.

Going by its capacity, the Bag attracts a rating of 4/5, with its design gaining an excellent rating of 5/5 among other bags.

The Bag also has the best maneuverability, drawing a rating of 5/5 and a functionality or performance rating of 4/5. Its value can be rated at 4.5/5 compared to other bags available. 

Functionality and features

The cuteness of the Kenneth Cole reaction Chelsea luggage expandable under-seat spinner makes it the best option you need when going on a weekend trip.

In addition, its roomy spaces make it suitable for holding your clothes, toiletry kit, and shoes. The Bag has an expandable handle with other regular bag handles, which provides you with a convenient option to curry the Bag or roll it on the floor.

On the inside Bag, some traps will keep your stored items in place when in transit. In addition, the Bag has two zippered extenders, which provide space for expansion when the Bag is full. However, when the Bag is fully loaded, you may have difficulty fitting it inside the under seat. 

To minimize this challenge, consider having all your items organized well in the two interior parts of the Bag, including its stretch pockets.

The pockets are located on the front end of the Bag, one on each side and one on the front end. The Bag has up to four wheels, making it excellent maneuverable around corners. 


  • The Bag has its size measuring 17 by 13 by 9, with all the measurements taken in inches. 
  • The Bag weighs about 5.6 pounds when empty and has up to four spinner wheels. 

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#4. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Under seat Carry on Travel Tote Bag

#4. Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Under seat Carry on Travel Tote Bag

If you love to use a bag that is the easiest to carry, then Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight gives you the best option for a trip.

The under-seat carry-on travel Tote bag only weighs two pounds and is much easy to carry when going for a weekend trip.

The Bag perfectly fits under the seat of most airplanes, with an average under seat measurement of 16 by 14 by 9 inches. This makes the Bag best suitable for large aircraft with larger under-seat dimensions. 


Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight under seat Carryon Travel Tote Bag has an overall rating of 4.3/5, with its functionality earning an average rating of 3.5/5.

However, it has an excellent rating of 5/5 on its capacity and an attractive design that earns a rating of 4/5. The maneuverability of the Bag is rated at 4.5, while its value attracts a rating of 4.5/5. 

Functionality and Features

The Bag only weighs two pounds and is most suitable for carrying light materials on your trip. The items may include your jacket, two shirts, a pair of sneakers, a toiletry kit, and up to two pairs of pants.

Consider carrying your laptop and still having space to put on your clothes. The Bag, however, fits perfectly on the under-seat of larger aircraft based on its dimensions.

This makes it a better option when traveling on larger planes, cars, or trains. The tote bag handles are padded and have a detachable shoulder strap.

Despite being small and light, it is still suitable for traveling and becomes more comfortable when loaded with more weight.


  • The Bag measures 15.5 by 10.5 by 9 inches and weighs about 2.04 pounds. 

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#5. Samsonite Spinner Under seater with USB port

#5. Samsonite Spinner Under seater with USB port

Samsonite Spinner Under seater is the best option if you are looking for a more versatile luggage bag for your trip.

The Bag provides many storage places that are perfect for storing large and small items.

As per the size of the Spinner under Seater, the Bag tightly fits under the seat of most aircraft. 


Samsonite spinner under seater has an overall rating of 4.5. Going by its capacity, the numerous spaces available in the Bag earn it a rating of 4/5.

The Bag has excellent functionality, rated at 5/5. On the other hand, the maneuverability of the Bag is excellent, with a rating of 5/5. The Bag also has an attractive design with a top rating of 4.5/5 and is valued at 4/5.

Functionality and features

Samsonite spinner under seater is a suitable option for travel on aircraft, train, or car.

The under-seat Bag is perfectly functional with a USB port providing the easiest way to pack your laptop with your clothing.

Inside the Bag is one main compartment where you can keep your valued clothes. There are also additional U-shaped openings on the Bag, which reveal the mesh to the zipper pocket. The padded laptop sleeve on the Bag can fit laptops of varying sizes up to 13.3 inches. 

With its large compartment, you will have enough space to fit your bulkier items such as jackets, chooses, and blazers. The exterior pockets provide room for keeping your other things like tablets and headphones.

The attached USB port also ensures you are not worried about where or how to keep your phone charged. The suitcase rolling on the floor is smooth and easy to carry when going on your trip. 


  • The dimensions of the Bag are 16.5 by 13 by 9.5 inches.
  • The Bag weighs about 6.17 pounds when empty.
  • Its smooth maneuverability is brought about by its four spinner wheels. 

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#6. Tumi Oxford Compact Carry on

#6. Tumi Oxford Compact Carry on

Tumi Oxford compact carry-on best splurge bag has a modern design with a sleek which makes it have the best maneuverability.

Its beautiful modern design makes it more attractive for use in luxurious purposes. The Bag produces no resistance or challenge when moving on wheels and glides smoothly when rolled. 


Tumi Oxford compact carry-on bag has an overall rating of 4.2, as it is the top preferred Bag for different luxury purposes.

In its capacity, the Bag earns a rating of 4/5 as it provides space for the good storage of your items when on the trip.

The functionality of the Bag is excellent and deserves a rating of 4.5/5. The Bag also has a beautiful maneuverability that earns a rating of 5/5.

Its modern design makes it attractive to many people rating it at 4/5, and its overall value earns an average rating of 3/5.

Functionality and features 

The excellent maneuverability of the Tumi Compact carry-on suitcase makes it the best option for people who don’t like carrying Bags.

You will easily roll the Bag on the floor and keep it moving without experiencing any difficulty.

A U-shaped opening on the Bag is also fitted with a zippered compartment. The compartment provides space for storing your items, including; a jacket, two shirts, and up to two pairs of pants.

A deep, wide pocket in front of the Bag also provides space to place your shoes or even a toiletry bag. However, more space may be needed to fit a laptop up to 13 inches long. 

The smaller pocket in front of the Bag can also help you keep your phone charger, and the USB ports allow you to charge your phone.

The Bag is the top most-rated luxurious and splurge Bag for a trip, earning a high rating online. Its sleek and functional design makes it a suitable option for a weekend trip. 


  • The dimensions of the Bag are 14.5 by 14 by 9. All measurements are in inches.
  • The Bag weighs about 5.39 pounds with up to 4 recessed wheels. 

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#7. Steve Madden Under Seat Wheeled Bag

steve madded

If you are looking for an under-seat bag with the best design for your weekend trip, the Steve Madden Under Seat Wheel bag is the best option.

It has a vintage style with gold accents and brown trim. However, the Steve Madden under-seat wheeled bag is always smaller than most under-seat luggage.

For this reason, it may not be suitable for carrying bulkier items, including winter jackets. 


Steve Madden under seat wheeled bag earns a general rating of 4.2/5 online due to its impressive performance.

Going by the capacity of the Bag, it has a good accommodation rating of 4/5 and an excellent design rating of 5/5 online.

Most people fall for this Bag due to its modern and special design. The Bag also has excellent maneuverability that earns it a rating of 5/5 online, and its value still stands at 3/5. The Bag has superior functionality with quality performance with a rating of 4/5. 

Functionality and features

The vintage-styled Bag is a practical and functional bag with an elegant match and look, making it suitable for a weekend trip.

A U-shaped opening in the Bag unfolds outward and reveals two clear plastic lines: a large zippered pocket and other small pockets.

These interior pockets help organize your items which makes you find them easily. You will also find zippered pockets at the Bag’s front, sides, and back.

These zippered pockets outside the Bag provide you with ample space for storing you’re in need items, such as a phone charger and toiletries. Also, consider keeping your jewelry and laptop chargers in these pockets. 

The Bag is highly durable and will still look new even after using it for six months. Its ideal storage spaces make it a good choice for traveling long distances. The Bag also has lightweight and may still be easy to carry even if you pack it closed. 


  • Its dimension measures 14.5 by 8.0 by 13.5 inches.
  • The Bag weighs about 4.80 pounds when empty. 
  • There are up to two wheels.

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#8. Travelpro X Travel + Leisure Under seat Tote

#8. Travelpro X Travel + Leisure Under seat Tote

Travelpro travel and leisure under-seat luggage bag is the best tote bag for travel during your Leisure on an aircraft or even on the train.

With an overall rating of 4.4, the bag merges to be the tote bag handles with a rear strap, making it easy to place on a suitcase when you want to carry it.

This is in addition to its detachable shoulder strap and tote bag handles. However, the Bag may need more space for carrying your laptop when you fill them with clothes. 


Going by its capacity, the Bag has plenty of pockets that provide more room for storing your items, earning a rating of 5/5.

The many rooms for storing items make it easy for you to organize the Bag and separate you’re in need items from others, increasing its functionality to an excellent rating of 5/5.

In addition, the Bag is easy to move with quickly moving wheels that earn a rating of 4/5.

The value of this Bag has an average rating of 3.5 /5 compared to other bags from different models.

The lower rating on its value is attributed to the fact that it sometimes lacks space for keeping your laptop loaded with items. 

Functionality and features 

When you purchase your copy of the Travelpro Travel and Leisure under-seat Bag, you will not have to worry more about putting the Bag under the seat.

The tote bag can easily be slung under the shoulder and fit on a suitcase if you have one.

The Bag has zippered pockets and a buttoned sleeve, providing enough room to store your most valuable items, such as passports, phones, and chargers.

In addition, a tote bag is a suitable option for extended trips as it is highly durable and will still look new even after using it for up to six months. Most people like carrying the Bag as a detachable shoulder strap or a tote bag. 

However, when you have your wheeled carry-on suitcase, a rear strap on the tote bag helps you slide it over the handle.

Its sleekness and versatility make it a suitable option, offering you more than your worth. The Bag provides enough room for carrying your clothes or placing your laptop for your trip. 


  • Its dimensions measure 17 by 9.5 by 9, all measurements in inches. 
  • The Bag is lightweight as it weighs only 2.26 pounds when empty.  


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What To Look For When Buying Under-Seat Luggage

The size of the Bag

You must check the size of the under-seat luggage bag you want to buy to figure out if it can fit on most airplane under-seat.

When checking on the size, what you need to look for most is the dimension of the Bag and see if it matches the average dimensions of the under-seat of airplanes. This goes in line with mustering the average airplane under-seat measurements. 

Figure out the difference between the tote bag and the wheeled Bag.

When you like flying, you will have to choose wheel bags as your most preferred option as they will give you an easy time rolling them when navigating in different airports.

However, if you are just on a short weekend trip where you don’t need more luggage, you need to travel with something lighter.

In this case, a tote bag will be your best option as they are easy to carry, lightweight, and has no wheels. They also fit perfectly on wheeled bags. 

When you go with the wheeled bags, you will have more options for carrying your items, especially for a more extended trip.

Most such bags give you enough room to store multiple items and are easy to roll while traveling. However, tote bags are always the best for a short weekend trip as they are easy to carry. 


What size luggage will fit under an airplane seat?

Different airlines have different dimensions under the seat, sometimes making it challenging to figure out the best-fit Bag for every plane.

However, going by average, the most popular under-eat extent for many airplanes measures 16 by 14 by 9 inches.

Most under-seat bag manufacturers use these dimensions to design their bags.

However, the size of the under-seat Bag will depend on how full it is. Some stretch and may become too big to fit the under-seat when fully loaded with items.

For this reason, consider not overloading the Bag for it to check the under-seat luggage.

What is under-seat luggage?

An under-seat luggage bag is a diaper bag, briefcase, purse, or laptop bag that can help you carry your items when traveling.

The under-seat luggage must, however, have a defined dimension to help you figure out its fitting position when traveling on an aircraft, train, or personal car.

With its defined dimension, you can find the perfect size that best fits under the seat of most aircraft when traveling on an airplane. 

Is under-seat luggage a carry-on?

Yes, under-seat luggage is a carry-on bag as it can perfectly fit on the under-seat of the aircraft in front of you.

This makes it easy to put it on the under seat, where your under-seat luggage will be placed.

You will need more space when you place your bag on the under-seat. You can add more carry-on. 

What is the smallest under-seat luggage?

The size of the under-seat cabin bag continuously varies in different aircraft. Some aircraft have a larger under-seat cabin, while others have a smaller size.

The plane with the smallest under seat size has dimensions measuring 15.7 by 11.8 by 3.9 inches, while the biggest under seat cabin recorded measures 18 by 16 by 10.5 inches.

This gives an average size of an under-seat cabin to have dimensions of 18 by 14 by 8.5 inches. 


Choosing the best luggage bag helps you travel with your items safely under your feet, whether on a plane, train, or using your private car.

When traveling on air, choosing the best-fit Bag which will effectively fit you under the seat gives you the best experience traveling with your item for long and short trips. 

I hope you have learned about the best luggage bags you can grab in the market pool. Apart from the list, other luggage under-seat packs include; Nomad Lane bento bag v 3.0, Delsey Paris Chatelet Soft Air luggage under seater, and the average spinner carry-on under-seat luggage with USB port. 


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