11 Best East Coast Beaches You Can Visit

The east coast areas of the United States feature the top most quality beaches in the world that almost everyone would like to visit.

Because of the beautiful nature showcased in the area, it has attracted different people worldwide. The sites have stunning landscapes, forming postal valleys to rugged mountains.

Because of its center of attraction, many beaches have been developed along the east coast. The beaches offer the best services to incoming visitors, making the touring adventures more enjoyable.

However, choosing the best beach where you will get the best service you want may be tricky.

11 Best East Coast Beaches You Can Visit

You may pick a beach that may not suit you for your occasion. This includes choosing a beach that doesn’t offer the services you seek or meets the standards you deserve.

Fortunately, I make everything simple. I have pinned down some of the top most valued east coast beaches in this review. The list contains the best east coast beaches that suit you most in your next adventure. Let’s dive in…

#1. Virginia Beach-Virginia

11 Best East Coast Beaches You Can Visit


Virginia Beach provides a prominent tourist destination suitable for people who like visiting crowded places. The beach has plenty of amenities, with easy access to the city.

Virginia Beach is located in a coastal town in southern Virginia. The beach lies where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Chesapeake Bay. You will enjoy their flourishing dining scenes at Virginia Beach with lots of entertainment. 

There is also plenty of maritime history and arts, which offers the best attractions to most visitors.

You can also enjoy a boardwalk on the oceanfront featuring a three-mile-long distance.

Virginia Beach is also known as the nation’s birthplace, as it is believed the country was formed in the city.

The English previously occupied the city as their permanent residential place before the nation gained its independence.  

Things to do

When at the beach, there is a lot to enjoy, which includes the following:

Oceanfront & Boardwalk 

You can walk on a no-surprise three-mile boardwalk and oceanfront, which stands out as the center of attraction on the beach.

The boardwalk is long enough to stretch across over forty city blocks. As you walk along the boardwalk, plenty of hotels, beautiful ocean scenes, and restaurants offer the best services.

Sand bridge Beach 

The sand bridge beach at the oceanfront is a short drive where you can hide away on your adventure.

The beach will provide the best place to relax with plenty of bustle and hustle. This makes it an excellent place to relax with your family and friends.

Fish Landing State Park 

You can take a walk to Fish Landing State Park, a great historic park, as it is the place where colonists landed when they first arrived in the region in April 1607.

The park is known for being the place where the English first landed before they established their first settlement in Jamestown. 

#2. Miami Beach Florida

11 Best East Coast Beaches You Can Visit


Miami Beach is another most visited destination situated in Florida. The beach stands as the home of the largest cruise ship port globally.

The beach is covered with about 2.5 miles of glistering sand. It is known for its good entertainment, including loud music and free partying.

In addition, the beach provides you with a cool summer culture where you will experience moderate temperatures in the north. The mild temperatures make the beach a famous place to enjoy warm waters.


Miami Beach features plenty of vendors, museums, restaurants, and art galleries. The beach also borders several national parks.

Penrod Park is one of the closest parks near the beach, providing a great spot to surf. The top hotels on the beach include Loews Miami Beach Hotel and 1 Hotel South Beach.

Others include the Palms Hotel & Spa, Mondrian South Beach Hotel, and Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

The most popular restaurants in the area include Pane & Vino, Santorini by Georgios, and the Caffe Milano Miami Beach.

Things to do

Miami Beach allows you to enjoy its Ocean Drive and the Espanola Way. You can also enjoy hiking and bike riding along the beach on the Lincoln road.

In addition, you can also take a walk on the Miami Beach Boardwalk. Art Deco Historic District also provides a relaxed environment in which to enjoy your adventurous walk.

You can enjoy lounging on the sand along the beaches or swimming in the ocean. The glittering sand covering the larger part of the beach gives you the best environment for lounging. 

#3. Tybee Island South Beach- Georgia

11 Best East Coast Beaches You Can Visit


Tybee Island gives you the best adventure experience with the bustling sounds of Tybrisa Street.

The island beach makes you feel at home when shopping or dining and welcomes visitors and locals.

It is one of the top beaches that welcomes most visitors worldwide, including local citizens.

It is a destination where every traveler will love to travel to experience the best of their tour. The beach gives you the best way to celebrate your holiday adventure. 

The beach has bars, restaurants, shops, and attractions from their crew. All these are just a walking distance from the beach.

You will not require any means of transport to reach them, especially if you love trekking. The Island has provided visitors lots of fun for decades, making it well-known worldwide.

For instance, you will enjoy watching their cargo ships glide in the ocean along the water. There are also sweet dream bars with great summertime treats.

Their summertime gives you the best experience when you need cool sun, especially in the afternoon.

The beaches are widely known for their variety of alcoholic slushies. You will also enjoy their icy concoctions in every flavor their Wet Willies offer.


Tybee Island has unique lodging choices, except for South Beach. This makes you worry less when you are enjoying yourself on the beaches.

There are also unique properties available for you, including Sea and Breeze Beach Hotel, Hotel Tybee, and the Tybrisa.

This provides you with the best food packages you will love eating. They are all located within walking distance of the ocean.

This makes you worry less when thinking of bed and breakfast. You will get personalized services that suit you for your romantic getaway at Tybee.

Things to do 

You are included if you love getting entertained; lots of entertainment is available on the beaches.

You can also enjoy shell hunting with plenty of oysters and starfish that always scatter along the beach every morning.

Tybee Post Theater and the lighthouse are popular tourist attractions along this coast beach.

The larger distance of their boardwalk allows you to walk along the beach while viewing the amazing ocean water.

 #4. Myrtle Beach-South Carolina

11 Best East Coast Beaches You Can Visit


Myrtle Beach welcomes everyone to its beach scene with a coverage of more than 60 miles of sandy beaches. This gives you a wide area of your boardwalk.

You will enjoy their live music, great shows, and special dinners if you like getting entertained.

Plus, there are thousands of restaurants and numerous amusement parks available.

In addition, you will enjoy their fabulous aquarium and other watersports you love. If you like golfing or want to train in golf, you are taken care of, too. You will learn more than 90 golf courses. 


The beach features plenty of bars and restaurants, including high-rise apartments just walking from the beach. Plenty of hotels, marinas, docks, and Ferris wheels exist.

The affordable accommodation services and other fantastic tourist attractions along the coast make it the most visited destination in the United States.

Things to do

You can enjoy the moderate temperatures experienced along the coastal beach. If you are good at golfing, this beach will impress you most.

There are more than 100 golf courses available on the beach. Myrtle is also known for its big habitat for lions, large cats, and tigers.

This makes it a suitable destination for people who love studying animals when touring, as you will learn a lot from these varieties of animals.

#5. Coney Islands Beach-New York

11 Best East Coast Beaches You Can Visit


Coney Island Beach is a coastal entertainment area found in the southwestern parts of New York. The beach has arcades, concessions, rides, and cyclone coasters.

It is a peninsular neighborhood and is the main source of attraction in New York City. The best time to visit the Coney Island beaches is Halloween and Easter.  

During this season, the Denos Wonderwheel Amusement Park and the Luna Park are always officially open. These two parks offer the best destination site when you visit the beach.

However, if you only want to enjoy the bitches and talk for a walk on their boardwalk, you are free to go anytime.

The boardwalk and the beaches are always open year-round. In addition, you can enjoy other attractions, such as the New York Aquarium and Nathan Hot Dogs.


Coney Island has the best bars and restaurants that offer the best accommodation services to visitors. They include the Cap of a Day at the Beach and much more, just walking near the bridge.

There are also nearby best hotels which serve various dishes you would like to enjoy when experiencing your happy moments at the beach. 

Things to do

There is a lot you can do at Coney Island, including:

Nathan Hot Dog Eating Contest 

Eating a Nathans hot dog and also riding the cyclone along the beaches. 

This will allow you to learn everything you need about the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

You can enjoy watching the Coney Island mermaid parade with great attraction features. There is also a popular street art exhibition with beautiful art walls that will also attract you to the place.

#6. Asbury Park Beach-New Jersey

Eating a Nathans hot dog and also riding the cyclone along the beaches.


Asbury Park Beach is another top destination beach on the East Coast, located in the coastal city of Jersey in Monmouth County.

The beaches, which have a more significant mile covered with water and sand, have been a center of attraction for a long time.

It has drawn anglers, swimmers, sunbathers, and people-watches for centuries. The park welcomes everyone as it is known to be home to different people.

It has playgrounds, music, mini golf, splash parks, retail, and restaurants; according to its policies, which determine your safety while on the beaches, you need to observe time for operations.

For instance, the beach operation starts at 9:00 am when it is open and closes at 5:00 pm. This operation time is valid on weekends and during the holidays.


Asbury Park has plenty of hotels and restaurants that offer high-quality accommodation services to their visitors. This includes Asbury Hotel, situated in Asbury Park, about 300 meters from the beach.

This is a walking distance and will not keep you worried about where you find shelter and food. The hotel features rooftop bars, a beer garden, and a sound booth.

Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel is another well-known hotel in the area. The hotel is just a few steps from the beach in Asbury Park.

The hotel offers guests an outdoor pool with a Tiki Bar and private cabanas. You can also get the accommodation service you desire from Asbury Ocean Club Hotel, which faces the oceanfront.

There are many more hotels and bars near the beach, which gives you plenty of options for where to get your accommodation service.

Things to do

You can do much on the beaches, including boardwalking, skating, scooting, and bike riding.

However, there are policies governing the operations in the beach area which you must follow.

These policies include riding your bike past 10 am at midnight. This means you must walk your bike if you love being by your side during the restricted time.

You are also not allowed to scoot or skate during a boardwalk. Dogs are also not permitted on the path. You can enjoy swimming, fishing, drawing, sunbathing, and more.

#7. Brighton Beach-New York

Eating a Nathans hot dog and also riding the cyclone along the beaches.


Brighton Beach, also known as Odessa, has a traditional ethic of restaurants and lots of food markets, including Brighton Beach Avenue.

It also derives its name from Odessa, following the high population of immigrants in the area, mostly speaking Russian.

The beaches offer a fantastic summer destination, especially for residents of New York. However, it also welcomes visitors from across the world.

Brighton Beach’s diverse communities, vibrant and large cultural practices, and quick shopping areas make it more famous.

The beach area has the largest LGBT population, with music and fantastic art scenes, which are the center of attraction on the beaches.


When planning to visit Brighton Beaches, never worry about where you will find a place to rest your body, eat, or even buy anything you need.

There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and hotels near the beaches with the best customer service.

Topping my list includes The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel, a historic hotel built in early 1826.

The seaside hotel is located just opposite Brighton Pier. You will only walk a short distance from the beaches to the Royal Albion Seafront Hotel.

The hotel has an attractive sea view and offers free WIFI in public areas to keep you online. Another fantastic place for accommodation is the Grand Brighton Hotel.

The hotel is located at the seafront and only takes you an average of ten minutes to walk from the Brighton Pier. Other hotels include Queens Hotel & Spa, ibis Brighton City Center, and more.

Things to do 

While on Brighton beaches, you can enjoy watching their street art, bright colors, and giant murals.

You can visit many coffee shops and restaurants to enjoy plenty of prepared drinks. Take a walk and look at the unique shops and beautiful seafronts available nearby and study the behavior of the residents.

#8. Carolina beach-North Carolina

Eating a Nathans hot dog and also riding the cyclone along the beaches.


Carolina Beach is found in the New Hanover Country, with a total coverage of up to six miles on the seafront.

The beaches provide great scenes for tourist attractions with many entries and sites, including Britt Donuts shop, Squigley Ice Cream, and much more.

The east coast of the beaches also has an aquarium that can fit plenty of saltwater that can exceed 200 gallons.


At Carolina Beach, plenty of apartments will offer you the best accommodation services you deserve. The Cozy Carolina Beach Condo with amazing ocean view scenes tops my list.

This apartment has impressive features, including a Marina, and is only a ten-minute walk from the main beaches. You can enjoy their outdoor pool to cool your temperatures as a guest.

Other great hotel features are a balcony and a special kitchen where you will be served any exceptional food you may want to eat.

Other hotels include Bright Carolina Beach Condo, the Carolina Beach Vacation Home near the boardwalk, and more.

What to do

Carolina Beach offers you many opportunities that will see you enjoy your adventure. You can join the surfing team and surf in calm waves, just like the 475-long crystal pier.

If you like driving, you are taken care of, too. You can drive four-wheelers around Freeman Park after spending a day out swimming or even shopping in the nearby shops.

There still needs to be more; you can visit the fascinating Hodge of animals near the beach. The animals have a notable exhibition. The most interesting one is the albino alligator, which has a unique name, Luna.

#9. Hampton Bench-new Hampshire

Eating a Nathans hot dog and also riding the cyclone along the beaches.


Hampton Bench is another excellent beach found in New Hampshire, featuring long boardwalks, restaurants, and plenty of shopping centers.

If you like holding parties, this is the place to do so while enjoying your adventurous tour.

There is a seasonal ballroom where you will host parties, concerts, and shows. The beach is more famous for its top amenities, the natural atmosphere of the area, and accessibility.

The beach stretches over one-half miles, covered with plenty of white sand. This larger beach area makes it more comfortable and sizeable despite being busy most of the time. 


Many hotels near the beach offer you the best accommodation services while on your adventure.

The most well-known hotel is the Atlantic Sands, less than one mile from Hampton Beach State Park.

The hotel is less than six miles from the Salisbury Beach Reservation. The hotel features free WIFI, unfussy rooms, coffee makers, and cable TV.

There are also balconies and upgraded rooms that give you the best view of the ocean.

Other available hotels for accommodation include Bakers by the Sea, Surf House, Royal Crest Inn, and Main Sail Motel & Cottages.

Things to do

Hampton Beach has plenty of offers that will make you enjoy your visit. They include their larger beach area where you can engage on a boardwalk.

You can also engage in picnicking and swimming. If you like camping, Hampton Beach allows you to go camping and fishing on the ocean.

The best time to visit the beach is during summer when you can enjoy the live fireworks hosted every Wednesday.

#10. Ocean City – New Jersey

Eating a Nathans hot dog and also riding the cyclone along the beaches.


Oceanic City gives you the best adventure experience, especially if you like touring places with large crowds and interacting with new faces.

The East Coast Beach is located in Maryland and has extensive beach coverage, making it comfortable for everyone who visits the place despite its large population.

According to the statistics from the beach, more than eight million visitors come to Ocean City every year.

This population sounds high; in fact, it is bigger than the total population of this state.

However, it’s not about the population of people who visit the beach but what makes people love the place. 


Oceanic City has many accommodation places, including high-class hotels, bars, restaurants, and shopping malls.

The most famous hotels near the oceanic city beach include the Carousel Oceanfront Hotel and Condos, a Maryland resort offering the best traditional relaxation and fun.

The hotel is famous for its best beach vacation, with its services offered at affordable prices. Other hotels with top services include Boardwalk destination hotels with various unique rooms.

The grand hotel, Ocean City motels, and much more are located less than a mile from the beaches.

For this reason, it is only a walking distance to reach the nearby hotel you would love to have dinner and relax at.

Things to do

At Oceanic City Beach, you will enjoy their boardwalk with quirky and bizarre attractions.

There are varieties of unique oil paintings available on the beaches with many curiosities.

In addition, you can enjoy swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, fishing, and many other ocean sports you may want on the beach.

#11. Cisco Beach-Massachusetts

Cisco Beach-Massachusetts


Another small and attractive east coast beach is Cisco, in Nantucket, Massachusetts. This small beach is known for its crystal clear waters and cool waves, which sometimes crest up, reaching five feet tall.

However, at Cisco Beach, you will get plenty of amenities like other beaches on the east coast. The beaches are more popular, especially for a group of adults and children.

It may not be a suitable option for families due to fewer amenities. The Cisco beaches, however, give you the best experience of the summer months with their serene-looking environment. 


Even if the Cisco beaches do not match other top East Coast beaches despite being famous, you will always find a place to lay your head when you visit the site.

Topping my list is the Faraway Nantucket Hotel located near Cisco Beach. The hotel destination is within walking distance of the beach.

The hotel is located in Nantucket town with other unique shops in the surrounding area. You will enjoy their whaling museum and a theatre of workshops.

There are also some performing arts and films available to entertain guests. Their water adventures and much more will keep you relaxed, experiencing the best of your happy moments.

Other hotels near Cisco beaches include Life House, Martin House Inn, Jared Coffin House, and Beachside.

All these hotels are located a shorter walkable distance from the beaches. You will not have to worry about driving to the places for dinner or booking a lodge. 

Things to do

The best offer you will enjoy when you visit the Cisco beaches is their Whaling museum. You can also visit their Great Point Lighthouse.

If you like enjoying yourself on the sand, the beach allows you to lounge on the sand along the ocean. 


You should know which to choose when looking for the best beach to enjoy your holiday adventure along the eastern shores.

When selecting your favorite, you need to understand the nature and services available on the beach to see if it suits your needs.

You must also understand the occasion for your visit and figure out if it is favored in the beach you want to visit.

For instance, if you want a family vacation, choose a beach that will provide you with the best family vacation.

This also applies when you only want to tour a coast with your friends, colleagues, or as students. 


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